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In trends of my blog posts regarding Science, environment, earth, Christmas and everything, my life revolves around the world. The image represents me and the world I am involved in.

Why MyKelvin?
MyKelvin is the name of my blog because My stands for a shortcut version "Michael" which is "Mykel". Kelvin, on the other hand is a unit of temperature.

Now, you're going to ask me: What is Kelvin?
There are so many definitions that we can connect to Kelvin. But, there's one definite definition of Kelvin when it comes to science. Kelvin, based on a standard science definition is that it is a unit of temperature.

Now: Let me introduce myself...

I am John Michael Angelo, currently a graduate of Certificate in Professional Education at Our Lady of Fatima University-Quezon City campus living in Caloocan City. I was born on July 5, 1991 and I am 21 years old.

About Me:
-An environmental advocate (currently participating in the No to Mining in Palawan campaign as a signature campaigner and a Run for the Pasig River runner)
-Singer (as well of course, try to join in the singing competitions)
-Emcee/Host (this is the biggest asset in my life)

Speaking of being a Singer, I just recently won 3rd Place in the December's 1st Weekly Finals of Risingstars.asia Karaoke Online Competition. For my winning 3rd Place Finisher performance: CLICK HERE.

-friendly persons
-jolly persons
-cute persons
-God-fearing persons
-always giving advices to my problems

-always making me laugh at (Sometimes, it can insult me when you laugh a lot of times to me)
-shy to talk with

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