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Miss Philippines Earth 2013: Miss Earth Foundation's Top 10 on Challenge Scoresheet basis/MyKelvin's Top 10 Predictions (2 Nights before the Coronation Night)

2 nights before the Live Coronation Night of Miss Philippines Earth 2013 will be held, I have been thinking of who will enter the Top 10.

But before I will reveal who are my own Top 10, let's base first on the Challenge Scoresheet of who's going to make it to the Top 10:

Challenge Scoresheet (Tabulated by: MyKelvin)

Challenge Scoresheet (Tabulated by: Miss Earth Foundation)
If based on the Challenge Scoresheet, Olongapo, Caloocan, Lipa and Santa Maria will have a bigger chance of making in to the Top 10. By the MyKelvin's ranking against the Miss Earth Foundation, the candidates from the 2nd to 6th place have contrasting ranks but has also a bigger chance to make it to the Top 10 if it will be based on the Miss Philippines Earth 2013 Challenge Scoresheet.

The final tally is based on the 15 challenges that were competed by the 47 candidates during the past month till the week before the Coronation Night will be held. The 15 challenges were as follows:
  1. Enthusiastic Learner Activity
  2. Make-up Challenge
  3. Environmental Knowledge Challenge
  4. Resorts Wear Competition
  5. Swimsuit Competition
  6. Big Sister for a Day (Storytelling Contest)
  7. Cooking Challenge
  8. Cultural Wear
  9. Environmental Fair
  10. Trivia Challenge
  11. Darling of the Press
  12. Catwalk and Styling Challenges
  13. Talent Competition
  14. Evening Gown Competition
  15. Miss Photogenic
Challenges 6 and 7 were held at SM Fairview last April 16, 2013. For the highlights of the Challenge 7 and the winners of the Challenges mentioned, please refer to the blog post which can be viewed here.

That will be the Top 10 if it was based on a Challenge Scoresheet. But the competition might change if the judges will view from a brighter side in the upcoming Coronation Night of the Miss Philippines-Earth 2013 which will be held live at the arena of the biggest mall in the Philippines, SM Mall of Asia Arena this coming Sunday (May 19, 2013) at 7pm which its delayed telecast will be aired over ABS-CBN Channel 2 on the same day after GGV during its Sunday's Best airing broadcast.

Now, if that Challenge Scoresheet will not be based on the Coronation Night's final results, MyKelvin's owner (yours truly) has its Top 10 Predictions this Sunday's MPE2013 Coronation Night. (Note: This Top 10 list that was listed by yours truly is based on my instincts. All of the Top 10 listed will have its own ranking from the Runners-up to the main crown, Miss Philippines-Earth 2013. This are all my predictions and this is not in any way can affect the upcoming Coronation Night. All the Major Crown prediction rankings done by yours truly will have my own reason why she shall be crowned as Miss Philippines-Earth Eco-Tourism 2013, Miss Philippines-Earth Fire 2013, Miss Philippines Earth-Water 2013, Miss Philippines-Earth Air 2013 and Miss Philippines-Earth 2013 respectively.)

9th Runner-up: Ms. Alma Cabasal from Fil-USA West Coast
8th Runner-up: Ms. Jillian Kristin Deveza from Lipa City
7th Runner-up: Kimberly Tristine Ledesma from Paranaque City
6th Runner-up: Karla Patricia Alas from Las Pinas City
5th Runner-up: Ms. Ma. Eliza Zosa from Talisay City, Metro Cebu

Major Winners Ranking Predictions by MyKelvin:

Note: This predictions that I have as well as the Runners-up above stated might be correct or not. It is still based on the judges decision. I am only a spectator for the upcoming Coronation Night but the predictions that I had written here are based on my instincts and not the instincts of others.

Miss Philippines-Earth Eco-Tourism 2013/4th Runner-up:

I shall predict that the Miss Eco-Tourism crown shall be awarded to Miss Legazpi City, Albay in the name of Miss Casey Ann Austria.

Though I have met her during the June 2012's Launching of ABS-CBN's Bayan Mo Ipatrol Mo: Tayo Na Campaign Launch during its Tambayan on the Go, Miss Casey might have experienced that wonderful environment that she has when she joined this year's Miss Philippines Earth. The lovely lady from Legazpi City is a Former Tambayan DJ. She was dubbed as "Attorney ng Tambayan" with his partner, DJ Charlie during her stay during Tambayan days.

Miss Eco-Tourism is perfect for her because she has that aura like that of the environment.

Miss Philippines Earth-Fire 2013/3rd Runner-up:

The girl on fire for me is from Taguig City, Charmaine Hernandez.

Miss Hernandez was crowned as Miss Taguig early this year and I picked her as my predicted Miss Fire for this year because she can set light to the world and be one of the biggest achievements that Taguig might ever achieve.

Miss Fire is perfect for her because she can cherish the light that could pass on from herself and conservation of it might bring her to the fullness of the next generation.

Miss Philippines-Earth Water 2013/2nd Runner-up:
Since Miss Philippines Earth this year celebrates International Year of Water Cooperation, my predicted candidate to get this crown might be perfect to be water conservation to reality and the world might follow this girl.

Kristine Gail Sandoval is my predicted Miss Philippines Earth Water 2013. Since the onset of the competition held at the SM City Fairview, this girl, though I have seen her for a moment during the Cooking Challenge, this girl has its magic hands to bring conservation of water to reality.

Miss Water Crown is perfect for her because she might get the cooperation of her neighbors in San Pedro and might bring it to the Philippines and who might knows, maybe even the world can reveal her as the "Water Woman of the Earth".

Before I reveal my predicted Miss Philippines-Earth Air 2013 and Miss Philippines-Earth 2013 which the crown will be passed by the outgoing Miss Philippines-Earth 2013, Stephany Dianne Stefanowitz, let me remind you that tickets for the upcoming Coronation Night which will be held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena are limited and they're running out. Almost of the Lower Box Tickets seats has been occupied and you might be out of tickets if you didn't made it to the 3pm Cut-off of Free Lower Box Tickets Giveaway. So, if I were you, get your tickets tomorrow or you might catch up with the Delayed Telecast of the Miss Philippines-Earth 2013 Coronation Night and according to the news, there might be a "hologram effect" surprise but I don't know if it will be seen in the Delayed Telecast.

Now, so much for the delay, here are my predicted Miss Philippines Earth-Air 2013 and the successor of Ms. Stefanowitz who will be crowned as the newest ambassadress of the Earth in the Philippines.

Miss Philippines Earth-Air 2013/1st Runner-up:

Throwback History:
Throwback to the 2011's Miss Philippines Earth which Athena Mae Imperial was the Miss Philippines Earth 2011 representative who won Miss Earth Water 2011, I remembered that Diana Angelie Jainga will be the ones who will give me the plant which was given by Ms. Beverlyn Alquiros of Ms. Balagtas, Bulacan which my plant is still alive for 2 years, I remembered the Passi City of Iloilo. I will not forget that moment which that girl was crowned as Miss Iloilo Nursing 2009, 1st Runner-up of Miss Paraw Regatta 2009 and Bb. Pintados de Pasi 2011.

Now on to my predicted candidate who shall get the Miss Philippines-Earth Air 2013 Crown and its none other than Chriscember Joy Nunez from Passi City, Iloilo. The moment that I am thinking that she might be the Miss Philippines-Earth Air 2013 is that I was blown away by her beauty. Short, but sweet and full of predictive power.

Now, I know you have been wanting this, but before I reveal my predicted Miss Philippines-Earth 2013 titlist, let me remind you again that all of the candidates that I have picked are based on my instincts and in no way that this might affect the judging for the upcoming Coronation Night of Miss Philippines-Earth which will be held this Sunday.

Miss Philippines-Earth 2013/Grand Winner:

Throwback History:
Caloocan City was my loved city because I am living here for 21 years and I remembered again the moment that I watched the Miss Philippines-Earth 2011 Mall Tour which was at the Robinson's Place Novaliches (which is now known as Robinsons Nova Market) was the girl in the name of Clarize Angelica B. Barrameda who won the Miss Caloocan City 2011 was my co-Fitness First member way back before. And it so happened that her mom knows that her daughter, Angel (because that's her nickname), the girl is so bright and beautiful.

Like Clarize, this candidate whom I picked as my predicted Miss Philippines-Earth 2013, Eva Eunice Reinoso who was awarded as the Best Storyteller and Big Sister for the Day in the awarding during the Cooking Challenge which was the 2nd year in the row of SM Fairview to host it, she has the looks, the guts and might-be beauty and brains to compete for the Miss Earth 2013 which date and place of the venue will be announced by Carousel Productions very soon.

The reason why I picked her to be crowned as Miss Philippines-Earth is that she can (might be) handle (handling) the duties and responsibilities set by the Miss Earth community. Another reason is that, she's the only one who stood out to become the best big sister ever of the children from GK-Tomas Morato.

My predictions are complete. It's up to the judges to decide on whom they will crown the new Miss Philippines-Earth 2013 and be the newest ambassadress of the Earth in the Philippines. All of the predictions for the Runners-up and the predictions as well as the reasons for the Major Winners are based on my instincts. It's up to you whether you will agree with me or not.

Do not miss the spectacular Grand Coronation Night of Miss Philippines-Earth 2013 on May 19, 2013, Sunday to be held live at the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City at 7pm with the delayed telecast over ABS-CBN Channel 2 on Sunday's Best on the same day at 10:15pm.

Credits to Miss Earth Foundation and the organizers of Miss Philippines Earth 2013 for the photos that were used throughout this entire blog.

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

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