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Licensure Examination for Teachers 2013: A Delightful Success

"O God, we ponder your mercy within your temple." (Feb. 7, 2013's Response to the Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 48:2-3ab,3cd-4,9,10-11)

This is the verse that was tucked in my mind before I took the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

As the exam results was released last April 18, 2013, I was so delighted when I saw my name in the List of Successful Examinees in the Secondary Level.

And here's my story on how I successfully passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers last March 10, 2013:


Before finishing my Certificate in Professional Education, I was thinking of joining the review center by November 2012, but because of the lack of time and I was still finishing my Thesis Writing under my baccalaureate degree, my mom told me that I will join the January 2013 LET Review. But, I have second thoughts just to have a self-review. So, I printed all the necessary materials in preparation for the Licensure Examination for Teachers. But my mom told me to search for a review center that would make me a successful teacher someday. So, I opened my laptop and connected to the internet to search for "Licensure Examination for Teachers Review Centers in the Philippines" and the first link that I found was MindGym Philippines. I called up the review center for LET on the same day and inquired about the review.

The following day, me and my mom visited the review center. I fully filled up the form to securely make my registration locked with MindGym Philippines. After that, I took up the Diagnostic Test which I took it more than 4 hours. I am so shocked that my stocked knowledge was not that sufficient enough and I have to double my efforts to catch up. Coach Alice Gaddi Roselo told me to review more and told my mom that my course was not focused on Education because my course was Bachelor of Science in Biology and just earned units to complete the Certificate in Professional Education which was a qualification so that I can take up the March 2013 LET. But with hardwork and dedication, I can pass the March 2013 LET.

REVIEW DAYS and NOVENA/MASS: The Days of preparation before the March 10, 2013 LET

The January 5 came and it was the start of the 3-month sacrifice for the Licensure Examination for Teachers. Several lectures from General Education, Professional Education and Biology Majors review and module drills that I have encountered. Over 3500 LET review question drills, 6 module drills (2 for General Education, 2 for Professional Education and 2 Major module drills) and 1 major Mock LET Exam. I am so overwhelmed that I still have that stocked knowledge in Science particularly on my Major, Biological Sciences during the General Education and Majors Review. And after the 16-day intensive reviews, I faced the challenge to stack up all the knowledge in the final 2-day Intensive Mock LET Review which was a week before the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

It was not complete without a weekly sacrifice to attend masses and novenas. 9 Thursdays of Novena in honor of St. Jude Thaddeus, 6 Thursdays of attending masses at Veritas 846, 1 Wednesday at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help and 1 Friday of Quiapo Mass. That's all I've got before getting into that BIG DAY that I was going to encounter.

After those masses and novenas plus the 18-day intensive LET Review Sessions, I browsed through notes one more time in the next 4 days and it was a sacrifice to get into that BIG DAY of exam.

Exactly 11 days before the Licensure Examination for Teachers, the room assignments for those who are qualified to take the said exam were posted in the PRC site. I downloaded the Biological Sciences PDF copy of LET takers and to my surprise, it so happened with this picture:

I am so blessed that the school that I will take up for that exam was near the site of where I had the 9-day novena. It was no coincidence. It was a blessing. I don't need to find for my exam site because I knew that the exam reception that I am going to take for the Licensure Examination for Teachers was near the National Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus.


March 10, 2013. THE BIG DAY. THE MOMENT OF TRUTH. I cannot take off the Feb. 7, 2013's Response to the Responsorial Psalm which was:  "O God, we ponder your mercy within your temple." (Feb. 7, 2013's Response to the Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 48:2-3ab,3cd-4,9,10-11). I woke up so early just to evolve my time to prepare for that big day. I do the usual things that I do in my everyday life: eating breakfast (of course, heavy meal which was oatmeal), taking a bath and fixing up. Around 4:30am, I left the house to go to the examination site. It took a 45-minute ride with a car to get into the site. Few moments before the big moment of truth, I go back to where I had my novena. I prayed the usual novena that we were reciting every Thursday and also the prayer before examination. After that, it was time that when the LET takers entered the school site, I rushed on because according to the rule: Once you are late, you'll not take the Teachers Board Exam.

And so, as I entered the site and the room where I was assigned, it was the moment that my heart was pumping so fast. It was as if I was blown away by wind. An hour and a half before the start of the Teachers Board, the exam started with a prayer before examinations and the usual filling up of the registration form for the filing of the names for the Licensure Examination for Teachers 2013.

After filling up the necessary information in the Personal Information Sheet, the exam started at around 8:30 in the morning with the General Education. It took me to answer each every item asked in the test booklet. I wrote the answers first in the test booklet before I transferred it to the answer card. And so, I filled up the whole 2-hour time limit for the Part 1 of 3 for the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

After the General Education, it was time for the most "pumping-heart" moment of the test: Professional Education Test. At the start of the exam, I browsed over first throughout the test booklet and my eyes was so big that all of the questions were situational-based questions. The first few items: It was the easiest part because I had that stocked knowledge from the previous LET Review that we had. But, when I got into the middle part of the examination in Professional Education, I was almost to burst into tears. I was almost to cry because all of the questions were situational-based analysis questions. It took me an hour and a half to carefully examine each and every item. When I got to an item that took me 5-7 minutes to analyze the question, I grabbed the rosary which is in my pocket and I was begging for mercy and help from the Lord to guide me in answering the question through Mama Mary. But, above all: I took the Part 2 of 3 of Licensure Examination for Teachers with bravery and sincerity. I finished the Professional Education part in just 2 and a half hours. But I am not so sure of my answers.

Then, the last part came: BIOLOGY SPECIALIZATION EXAM. I did not have any idea of what questions that were going to be asked in the Part 3 of the LET. The time was enough and I don't have to make myself in a hurry. I carefully read each question thoroughly and answered it with power and dignity for it was my Baccalaureate major degree. Although the exam will take 3-and-half hours: It only took me an hour and a half to finish the examination. I have ended up with a 4:30pm finish for the Licensure Examination for Teachers.


Yes! I was so anxious and nervous after the March 10, 2013 Licensure Exam for Teachers. It made me silent throughout the moments for the next 27 days. I didn't have any time to speak for my opinion about the Licensure Examination for Teachers. But when my friends, family and relatives asked me how was my exam. I only answered: "IT WAS SO HARD!" I continuously prayed for the success of my LET by attending a pilgrimage. I always prayed hard because I remembered in one homily of Fr. Arlo Yap, SVD at Veritas telling his experience when he took the final examination before becoming a priest. The test was really difficult and he was not sure if he had passed it, so, he continuously prayed that the result of his exam will be successful and he recalled the psalm: "Awa mo'y nagunita sa loob ng iyong templo." Then, when the result came out, he passed the exam and became a priest.

A week before the LET Results were out, I asked my mom if we would attend mass by next Thursday. I knew in my heart that it was not the last week of April that the results will be out. I uttered before the start of the Licensure Examination that the results of the exam will be released on the birthday of my father.
I was not aware that the Results will be released on the birthday of my father. I was not aware that it was my thanksgiving mass for I did passed the LET. When my classmate at MindGym Philippines told me that the results were out and we were are the mall, I suddenly opened my internet connection and searched for LET March 2013 Results on my cellphone. To my nervousness, my hands were shaking and told to myself that I think I am not going to pass. I opened first the PRC Board Exam Results site but my name was nowhere to be found. So, I got back to the search results and I opened the second link. My mom was so nervous too for she knew that I am not going to pass the LET Exam Results. But when I opened this results site, it so happened that I was going to scroll down and scroll down, my heart felt pumping and fainting saying that my name was not going to be included in the list. But, it didn't faint when I saw my name in the Licensure Examination for Teachers Secondary Successful Examinees and the pic shows the proof that I am one of the successful examinees.

The highlight in green signifies my full name. So, with the YES, I CAN attitude which was my motto throughout the review, it turned to: YES, I DID IT! attitude and with that, I was relieved and it was a delightful success for me. Even though I did not make it to the Top 10, at least, I had that happy smile in my face. I thank the Lord Almighty for giving me the opportunity to become a professional teacher.

The day when the LET Results came out, I attended the novena mass at National Shrine of St. Jude. The homily is regarding: PASSION, DEATH and RESURRECTION. I can relate it in taking the board exams. My passion was attending the Licensure Exam for Teachers Review from 9 to and sometimes even up to 10pm and review at home. The death when I took the LET because I don't know if I wall pass it through its difficult questions. And my resurrection was when I saw my name in the List of Successful Examinees. And as one of the board passers, let me share with you some tips on how to become a LET board passer. This tips will surely help you in preparing for the LET.

1.) Choose the review center that's right for you and that has a higher passing rate.
I have passed the exam. Now, I am going to share with you my review center that I have attended in the past 3 months. I am introducing to you: MINDGYM PHILIPPINES.

MindGym Philippines is a lifelong learning center that is engaged in the following areas:

If you want to be one of the passers of the LET Board Exam, they offer 18-day intensive review coaching.

They also offer tutorials for:

--Memory Improvement
--Academic Tutorials
--Entrance Test Review for College Entrance Exams
--Basic Art and Design

This review center started in the year 2009 and it was led by Ms. Alice Gaddi Roselo who was a LET Board Passer in the year 2008.

Here's why you should choose MindGym Philippines as your LET Review Center:
1.) Very high success rate. They have a 88-96% passing rate and they produced 31 TOPnotchers from 2009 to date. In March 2013, 6 from all of the LETers were in the topnotch. Here are to name them:

Elementary Topnotchers from MindGym Philippines:
1.) Aileen Ventinilla Dacasin from UP-Diliman (89.80%)
8.) Karisse Anne Grasparil Legaspi and Stephanie Marie Casino Relampagos from UP-Diliman (87.40%)

Secondary Topnotchers from MindGym Philippines:
2.) Conrado Trinidad Sotelo from Manila Tytana Colleges, Inc. (formerly known as Manila Doctors College - 92.00%)
3.) Alex Bernadas Brigoli from West Visayas State Univ. - La Paz (91.60%)
4.) Kristine Joy Castillo Paas from UP-Diliman (91.40%)

Other Topnotchers are:

September 2012 LET TOPnotchers

  • Josephus Bumaat (Top 4, Secondary)
  • Ma. Cristina Sta. Rita (Top 6, Secondary)
  • Aileen Valera (Top 6, Secondary)
  • Conchitina de Leon (Top 9, Elementary)

March 2012 LET TOPnotchers

  • M. J. Pagaduan (Top 2)
  • Don Galinato (Top 7)
  • Kleng Mambiar (Top 8)
  • Edith Abangan (Top 9)
  • Vanessa Simon (Top 9)
  • JoAnne Mejia (Top 10)

September 2011 LET TOPnotchers

  • Dy-An Angco (Top 6)
  • Wilson Espiritu (Top 7)
  • Patricia Jhoanna Caguin del Rosario (Top 10)
  • Celeste Lamayan (Top 10)

September 2010 LET TOPnotchers

  • Jean Millare (Top 1)
  • Aicel Alcantara (Top 5)
  • Jayson Calventas (Top 7)

April 2010 LET TOPnotchers

  • Adienev Reyes (Top 3)
  • Melane Manalo (Top 3)
  • Noel Carena (Top 6)
  • Rona Lumba (Top 7)

October 2009 LET TOPnotchers

  • Angelica “Ericka” Villafuerte (Top 4, Secondary)
  • Sheryll Raquipiso (Top 5, Secondary)
2.) Affordable tuition fee. For only PHP7000, you can now enjoy the following:
2.1. 18 whole day intensive LET Coaching Sessions every Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 7pm
For those who will take the September 29, 2013 LET, here are the schedules for the LET Review:
Batch 1 - Started April 20 (Today, Saturday)
Schedule of LET Review Sessions:
April 20, 21, 27, 28, May 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 - General Education and Professional Education Review Sessions
July 12, 13, 14 (Friday-Sunday) - LET Specialization
Batch 2 - Starting June 8
Schedule of LET Review Sessions:
June 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30, July 6, 7, 13, 14 - General Education and Professional Education Review Sessions
July 21, 27, 28 - LET Specialization
Batch 3 - Starting July 21
July 21,27,28 - LET Specialization
July 20,21,27,28, August 2,3,4,10,11,17,18,24,25,31,Sept. 1 - General Education and Professional Education Review Sessions (August 2 is a Friday)

All 3 batches will have its Intensive Final Coaching on September 13, 14, 15 (Friday to Sunday)
2.2. Four Books which includes the following
  1. LETers' Choice Book 1 (to be given on the 1st day of your LET Review Session)
  2. General Education Workbook
  3. Professional Education Workbook
  4. Specialization Workbook
 2.3. You will enjoy the following extra, extra amenities:
  1. Free Wi-fi
  2. Free Purified Drinking Water (bring your own water bottle)
  3. Free Coffee for the first day of LET Review Session
  4. Fully Air-Conditioned Rooms
  5. Occasional free snacks, prizes and surprises
  6. Coaching on memory improvement, speed reading and comprehension and calculator Math (on the first 2 days of your LET Review Sessions)
  7. Photo captured moments (Every LET Review Session, you'll be captured by the MindGym Staffers and Coaches) for all LET Review Sessions as a keepsake of reviewees' LET successful journey
  8. Subsidized and/or free snacks and meals; freebies and prizes.
So, if you are aiming to be a TOPnotcher or to aim high as a board passer, choose MindGym Philippines as your LET Review Center. But, if you cannot make it to the review center, you have other options to join the review and that's the MyReviewCoach, an online LET Review Coaching for MindGym Philippines. For only PHP2950, you will experience the same as the Live Intensive Review Coaching Sessions in LET, and Live Specialization Coaching weekends for only PHP2000 and Three Day Final Intensive Power Coaching for only PHP2000.

For more information on how to become one of the LET Reviewees or MyReviewCoach online reviewees, you may contact them at 437-5880 or text 09398999989, look for Precious Toledo or Angie Lozada and reserve for a slot for your Diagnostic Test taking every Wednesdays and Saturdays and ask for the details on how to get to Mindgym.

MindGym Philippines is located at: 219 J.P. Rizal St. Project 4, cor Pelaez Street, Cubao, Quezon City.

2.) Try to visit a church that's near the testing site.
It was very effective for me. I don't know if it will be effective for you. In my experience, I attended each single Thursday novena at the National Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus and passed through the walkways near the College of the Holy Spirit. 2 weeks before the LET Board, I saw the name of the school and it was my testing site. It was a blessing for me that my testing site was near the church that I am attending to.

My advice to you: Try to visit a church near the testing site that you think that will be the venue for your LET Board.

3.) Lastly, study hard for the LET Board!
The secret to success is hardwork and prayers.
I remembered the saying: In everything you do, put God first and you will become successful.

You are studying hard of course. You must help yourself by studying hard so that God will help you. Because, even, if you keep on praying and praying and you will not work hard, you will not pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

You need to balance your life.

Additional Tip: Try to put your reviewers under your pillow when sleeping.
It sounds funny. But, in my experience, it really works!

Passing the LET is not easy. You have to analyze everything. You have to invest hardwork and dedication to your LET Review.

I thank the Father Almighty, St. Jude Thaddeus, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of All Nations, the Holy Spirit and of course, Lord Jesus Christ.

I also thank MindGym Philippines and I will treasure all the moments of my review.

To all future LET takers: Goodluck on your LET Journey!

John Michael Palmero Angelo
Licensure Examination for Teachers March 2013 Board Passer

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