Saturday, March 9, 2013

[UPDATE] Miss Universe 2013 Candidates Rolled Out

25 candidates will roll out on the competition for the upcoming Miss Universe 2013. They are as follows: (Source is from

Angola - Ms. Vaumara Rebelo
Belgium - Ms. Noemie Happart
Bolivia - Ms. Alexia Viruez
British Virgin Islands - Ms. Sharie de Castro
Colombia - Ms. Lucia Aldana
France - Ms. Marine Lorphelin
Gabon - Ms. Jennifer Ondo
Indonesia - Ms. Whulandary Herman
Israel - Ms. Bar Hefer
Japan - Ms. Yukimi Matsuo
Korea - Ms. Yu-mi Kim
Malaysia - Ms. Carey Ng
Mauritius - Ms. Diya Beeltah
Mexico - Ms. Cynthia Duque
Montenegro - Ms. Nikoleta Jovanovic
Netherlands - Ms. Stephanie Tency
Nicaragua - Ms. Nastassja Bolivar
Peru - Ms. Cindy Mejia
Poland - Ms. Paulina Krupinska
Puerto Rico - Ms. Monic Perez
Russia - Ms. Elmira Abdrazakova
Serbia - Ms. Ana Vrcelj
South Africa - Ms. Marilyn Ramos
Uruguay - Ms. Micaela Orsi
Venezuela - Ms. Ma. Gabriela Isler

The name of the candidate from Ms. Ecuador will be revealed at a latter date.

Expected pageant at the following countries
Ms. Universe Nepal Pageant on March 15, 2013 - They will be making its 1st debut.
Ms. Universe Czech Republic on March 23, 2013
Ms. Universe Philippines/Binibining Pilipinas 2013 (50th Installment) on April 14, 2013
Ms. Universe El Salvador on April 26, 2013
Ms. Universe Turks and Calcos on April 27, 2013
Ms. Universe Panama on April 30, 2013
Ms. Universe Finland on May 5, 2013
Ms. Universe Thailand on May 11, 2013
Ms. Universe Great Britain and Ms. Universe Switzerland on June 8, 2013
Ms. Universe Brazil on June 30, 2013
Ms. Universe Myanmar on June (unknown date), 2013
Ms. Universe Singapore on July 6, 2013
Ms. Universe Italy on July 20, 2013

Watch out for a new update for the candidates of Miss Universe 2013 Candidates.

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

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