Saturday, March 9, 2013

So glad with the Top Searches for my Blog on Google Search

Thank you for those blog readers who are reading my blog. With other 7200 views right now, the blog site is placed at the 2nd in rank. Also, I thank the bloggers who are encouraged to read the blog more and encourage more readers to read on my blog site. MyKELVIN Facebook fan page is on the 3rd rank in the search site.

I am so glad also that on Yahoo, MyKELVIN is on the 3rd rank and 6th rank. The 6th rank on Yahoo Search that I am mentioning is regarding the winners of my 1st promo.

And since you are so loyal to my blog site, this blog site will level up to Version 2.0 starting April 2013. And there will be a summer promo wherein more prizes will be given away. Watch out for the full mechanics on how to be a part of the 2nd promo. The promo will start March 12, 2013.

Watch out for more tabs that will come in plus more widgets as this blog site will level up to a new design and new flow of the site. Comments and suggestions box will also come out.



Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

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