Monday, February 4, 2013

Teens who are viewing this site: Join the All-New Returning Photogenic Teen Idol Search

With the success of 3 seasons of Photogenic Teen Idol Search, it takes a year for the organizer to formulate some new rules, new twists and new revelations.

With this, teens from all over the Philippines and Philippine teens who are living internationally are welcome to join the teen search that made the 3 seasons successful by clicking on the like above.
Mechanics of the search can also be found in the site. After liking the page, click on the name of the page and read the mechanics.

Be a part of the search that has an advocacy of being the newest ambassadors of teens in the Philippines and bring back the photogenicity to the teen industry and bring the life of teens which are so conservative back to reality. Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

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