Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mr. and Ms. Our Lady of Fatima University 2013 Text Voting: Open to all Smart and Talk 'n Text subscribers.

With only 17 days to go before the Coronation Night of Mr. and Ms. OLFU 2013, Our Lady of Fatima University family invites all Smart and Talk 'n Text users from all over the Philippines to vote for our bets for the upcoming Mr. and Ms. Fatima 2013 Coronation Night which will be happening this March 23, 2013 at Antipolo, Rizal. The good news is that no registrations will be needed in order to text the number of your choice.

Here's how to vote:
If you want to vote for a Mr. OLFU Candidate: Text MROLFU2013(space)POLL(space)# of candidate of your choice and send to 70065388.
If you want to vote for a Ms. OLFU Candidate: Text MSOLFU2013(space)POLL(space)# of candidate of your choice and send to 70065388.

Here are the list of candidates with their text codes: (All of their pictures are displayed here (for male) and here (for female).)
For Mr. OLFU 2013:
MROLFU2013(space)POLL(space)1 for Daryl James Sison
MROLFU2013(space)POLL(space)2 for Jim Allan Nino
MROLFU2013(space)POLL(space)3 for William Wang
MROLFU2013(space)POLL(space)4 for Justin Moya Samson
MROLFU2013(space)POLL(space)5 for Julio Alberto de Leon
MROLFU2013(space)POLL(space)6 for McGregor Justo Maternal
MROLFU2013(space)POLL(space)7 for Daniel James del Cano
MROLFU2013(space)POLL(space)8 for Joseph Doruelo
MROLFU2013(space)POLL(space)9 for Rjhomi dela Cruz
MROLFU2013(space)POLL(space)10 for Rain Sebastian
MROLFU2013(space)POLL(space)11 for Jhon Paul Tolentino
MROLFU2013(space)POLL(space)12 for Raphael Philip Durmiendo (we needed more votes in here)
MROLFU2013(space)POLL(space)13 for Michael Angelo Javier

For Ms. OLFU 2013:
MSOLFU2013(space)POLL(space)1 for Jell Louise Igharas
MSOLFU2013(space)POLL(space)2 for Jessica Custodio
MSOLFU2013(space)POLL(space)3 for Felisa Mae Martinez
MSOLFU2013(space)POLL(space)4 for Sarah Joy Castro
MSOLFU2013(space)POLL(space)5 for Joelle Frances Rivera
MSOLFU2013(space)POLL(space)6 for Patricia Ramos
MSOLFU2013(space)POLL(space)7 for Kate Shan Tumang (we needed more votes in here)
MSOLFU2013(space)POLL(space)8 for Charmaine Irish Ramos
MSOLFU2013(space)POLL(space)9 for Mary Grace Espiritu
MSOLFU2013(space)POLL(space)10 for Abigail Custodio
MSOLFU2013(space)POLL(space)11 for Gail Annaceth Santos
MSOLFU2013(space)POLL(space)12 for Lady Daryl Escobar
MSOLFU2013(space)POLL(space)13 for Ma. Ann Trixia Combalicer

So, Smart users and Talk 'n Text users, what are you waiting for? Do not waste your load to your textmates. Start loading up and vote for the candidate that you think that will win the Mr. and Ms. Fatima 2013.

1 vote/text = 1 peso

Also, you can vote for the candidate of your choice by logging on to this site for males and this site for females. Just Login with Facebook in order for your vote to be counted.

Voting ends February 22, 2013.

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

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