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MyKelvin Owner's Top 5 Memorable Events in the Year 2012

With few days to go before the New Year hits, I'll be giving you my top 5 most memorable events that happened to me in the year 2012 (Note: This is not the Top 5 Most Viewed Blogs. This is my MyKelvin's 5 Most Unforgettable Experiences: The MyKelvin Year-ender Countdown.)

So, with this blog you'll be recently discovering the Top 5 most memorable events in my life (whether it has been blogged or not.)

Without much further adieu, let's begin the countdown:

5.) THE STEPPING STONE IN Lector and Commentator
The reason behind the Top 5 Memorable Event in my life was that I changed an intensity level in being a lector and commentator.

Now, here's the story of how did I leveled up myself and why was this my 5th among the Top 5 most memorable events of 2012. This was not blogged although, so you better check this out:

Last December 2, 2012, I was thinking that all of the momentous love in the year was this December. You know why? Because I maintained a level of honesty, integrity and made myself humble. With love and courage, from the frivolous Children's Mass last December 2, 2012 (which was my last mass), I was leveled up to a more maturity level wherein I am ready to face the world of faith, trust, hope, integrity, justice, love, peace and equality plus a boost of confidence. And all of a sudden, instead of being a commentator, I was made as a lector as provided in the list of mass readers and I was in the 1st reading.

So, with all of a sudden, all people were shocked and astonished with my reading and they were listening attentively although I have a soft voice that time. It was loud because of the booming microphone I had. And so, with the help of the Parish Youth Ministry group of Lectors and Commentators as well as the choir, I was welcomed with open arms.

And recently, 2 weeks after, I was not so surprised because I checked out it immediately during my 1st ever Youth Mass. So, I was prepared last December 16, 2012 and was astonished with a few people because it was my 1st time to be a commentator in a mass for the Youth.

And last Monday at exactly noon or lunch time, I was included in the Youth LeCom (OLFPYM) group on Facebook. And I said to the whole youth LeCom which goes something like this:

Salamat sa lahat ng nagwelcome sa kin sa PYM lalo na sa favorite kong si Michelle Dano. Sobrang happy ako lalo na kay Mitch dahil naging maganda ang pasok ng Pasko ko.
And with that memorable welcome, Mitch Dano was the 1st one to welcome me because she was mentioned. Even Amiel Tristan Castro liked my post.

I am a Youth, no longer a child. So, with 9 years of remarkable stay in the Children's Mass, I had a wonderful experience with the children of Villa Magdalena 2. And December 2, 2012 was the official start of my stay in the Youth Mass Celebration.

I just want to thank and mention all of the youth who were part in welcoming me in the group:
John Mamuyac who was the owner of the PYM LeCom Group
Germaine del Moro who gave me a boost of confidence to pass in the LET Board Exam

I do much believe that this other persons also takes part in welcoming me in the group:
Marjorie Magbitang and Badet Nagallo who happens to be my schoolmates in my university alumni, Our Lady of Fatima University (They're both studying Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Badet is now a trainee of Imperial Palace Suites.)

Eleanor Encarnacion de Leon: I'm sorry, Lea but I have to mention that you were the small but terrible girl that I have seen in a group.

Rachel Rodriguez who happens to be the prettiest (if not, one of the prettiest) Youth Lector and Commentator that I have ever imagined.

And hopefully, soon someday: Andrea Geronimo

With hopes and graces in God's mercy, I hope that I will stay longer like my 9 years stay in the Children's Lector and Commentator's Guild Block.

TOP 5 has been revealed! Watch out for my Top 4 Most Memorable Event in my next blog post.

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

[UPDATE] Miss U 2013: Introduction to Expected Candidates (Miss Angola)

Despite of the previous introduction to Miss Angola in my previous blog post, there was a change in the competitor for Miss Angola in Miss U 2013.

Marceline Valhekeni will be replaced by Vaumara Rebelo.

Thanks! Watch out for a new blog post about Miss U 2013 next year.

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

[UPDATE] Year-Ender Specials of 2012 and Countdown to New Year Announcements

Sa nakaraang blog post ay inilahad ko ang mga pagpipilian para sa programang "SANDOSENANG BALITA NG 2012: ANG YEAR-ENDER NG BAYAN."

Ngayon, ilalahad ko ang labindalawang malalaking balita na ipapalabas sa nasabing programa.
Ito ay ang mga sumusunod:

  1. Hagupit ng Habagat at Bagyong Pablo
  2. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Case
  3. Mga Malalaking CCTV Stories
  4. Former SC Justice Renato Corona Impeachment Trial
  5. Death of Former DILG Sec. Jessie Robredo
  6. Death of Comedy King Dolphy
  7. Canonization of St. Pedro Calungsod
  8. Scarborough Shoal Dispute
  9. Sotto Plagiarism Charges
  10. Controversial Bills
  11. Tulfo-Raymart Brawl
  12. Pinoy Pride
Ang mga nasabing Top 12 News Stories of the Year ay ilalahad sa Year-end Special ng ABS-CBN.


The ABS-CBN Year Ender Report of 2012
Ito ay ilalahad ni Kabayan Noli de Castro. December 30, 2012 sa Sunday's Best ng ABS-CBN.

Samantala, bago ang year-ender special na yan ay antabayanan itong dalawang malalaking year-ender specials.
  1. Youtube Stars of 2012: The Follow that Star Year-ender Special on GMA News TV - December 29, 2012 at 7:55pm (YouTube Stars like Zendee Rose Tenerefe will be featured on the Year-ender Special specially made by GMA News TV.)
  2. Basta't May Nangyari: The DZMM Year-End Report (Alamin ang mga malalaking balita na nangyari sa nagdaang labingdalawang buwan ng 2012 sa pamamagitan ni Victor de Leon Lima at ni Karen Davila.) Ito ay gaganapin naman sa araw ng Biyernes, December 28, 2012 sa ganap na alas-kwatro ng hapon na sakop ng DZMM Radyo Patrol Balita Alas-Kwatro at ng programang Pasada Sais Trenta.
At sa darating naman ng Disyembre 31, 2012, salubungin naman natin ang Bagong Taon sa pagpasok ng year 2013 sa programang SA ILALIM NG NAG-IISA NATING BANDILA: THE ABS-CBN COUNTDOWN TO NEW YEAR SPECIAL na gaganapin pagkatapos ng Kahit Puso'y Masugatan sa ganap na alas-dyes y medya ng gabi.

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

Monday, December 24, 2012

[UPDATE] I Love Zendee: THE SM FAIRVIEW MALL TOUR Experience (Part 2)

Early last Saturday, I made a blog on my experience on the SM Fairview Mall Tour with Zendee. And here's an update of my blog from the Saturday's experience.

I just can't get over with the spread of the newest photo album I ever had uploaded few minutes after the mall tour has ended (because the last part was Meet and Greet). With a remarkable sense of the album virality, here comes the result of the Photo Album from my Facebook account. The result is that 2 shared my photo album. Check out the photo below:

Zendee herself and a fan page for Zendee shared my album
With that, I thank Zendee Rose Japitana Tenerefe and the fanpage named Zendee Rose Japitana Tenerefe (RandomGirl) Fans for sharing my album.

And with all of the efforts that I had to go to that mall tour, I had a duet with Zendee. Here are the photo highlights from the interview to our duet:

While the song is searched, Zendee has a glimpse that I might collapse on the event.

Zendee said on this time: "This is my Facebook friend that posted a blog link on my fanpage.

Zendee and Me: Duet singing Save the Best for Last

Zendee and me having a duet while Zendee is holding a camera phone

Zendee asks the audience if the song we're going to sing is A-OK!

I was interviewed by one of the administrator marketers of SM City Fairview and Zendee.

Zendee holding a camera phone while I was singing the song Save the Best for Last

Zendee and me having a bonding on singing

And on the lighter side, here are 4 photo highlights during the Autograph Signing:

Right on the stage after the little boy was done with the autograph signing.

Teaching her Manager to capture the photo via my Samsung HD Camera

Right bonding time with Zendee (not shown on picture)

Name spelling: M-I-C-H-A-E-L! Just to make sure that my name is right to be shown on the poster.
Credits to Tita Jinky Japitana Tenerefe for the photos that I have featured on this blog post.

Speaking of the poster, here it goes:

Sorry, if its only half. Full poster shall be posted on my Facebook account. So, watch out!

This is the most memorable experience that I had this Yuletide Season and in the year 2012.

By the way, please don't forget to watch Follow That Star on December 29, 2012 at 8pm only on GMA News TV!

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Love Zendee: The SM Fairview Mall Tour Experience

The Madagascar Christmas Adventure isn't over yet! Zendee Rose Tenerefe or Zendee for short had a mall tour earlier this afternoon. Here's what happened:

I was so rushing early at 4pm to catch out for the mall tour which happened at 5pm. It so happened that when I arrived at SM City Fairview, she was singing already a song from Adele titled "Rolling in the Deep". So, I was happy that she was very charming and beautiful in person.
Let me just give you the background of who Zendee Rose Tenerefe is (for those who did not know her yet.) Zendee is a 22-year old girl who was made famous because of the singing which just so happened in a supermarket because she cannot leave the red backpack within her shoulders, became a YouTube Sensation which her videos got up to 2.2 million views according to her, and seen worldwide during the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Now, thousands of fans compressed in a mall show which happened in the Annex Atrium where the Madagascar Christmas Adventure Display is still displayed. When Zendee Rose Tenerefe entered and sung I Will Always Love You, crowd goes wild. The estimated crowd is at about 300+ (to my count). My Gosh! We were clapping all around. And then, when she said hello to those who were present, the emcee started to ask her questions of why she was a YouTube sensation plus her experience in Ellen DeGeneres Show but when Zendeenatics was called and was screaming and yelling out loud, I was astonished when I was called by Zendee. "My Me! Why I was called?" uttered to myself. I remembered when I uttered those words to myself that I have posted something in her fan page which is regarding the other mall shows she has and she made a glance on me at once and all people were astonished looking at me. And when she was calling for people who will sing, she made a 2nd glance and she remembered me on the blog post that I have made a week before this mall tour. And it so happened, that I had a duet with her and that was my 1st time experience to sing in a mall and with an artist. (I just love singing.) When Zendee picked me up from the audience block, people were clapping for me. And I said to myself "OMG! This is the 1st time experience that I am going to sing with a YouTube sensation, singer and a Kapuso artist." When we started singing, I just felt comfortable and then when the 2nd verse came in, Zendee was shocked because of my "birit" part. It was a definite experience to sing and duet with a YouTube sensation like hers. After the singing, I was given a great big hug which was my 1st ever hug from a singer like her. Then, all other enjoyed when the others sing on the remarkable duet with Zendee. And then, when the autograph signing came in, the little boy in front of me was so excited to meet Zendee and let his poster signed. But when I came to the stage where the Madagascar Christmas Adventure is on display, Zendee was just shocked and signed my poster and it was written on the poster:
Thank you!
Keep on Singing!
Zendee ♥

And it just so happened, a magical hug at the end was the greatest hug I ever received.

Here are the photo highlights:

Zendee smiling for the camera

Zendee singing using a videoke karaoke microphone

Zendee singing Adele's song using Extreme Magic Sing

Zendee smiling for her Zendeenatics

Charisse: Zendeenatic singing Listen

Zendee with Charisse

Zendee hugging Charisse

Zendee is so happy in front of the camera when a Zendeenatic is singing with power

Fiercest Zendee

Me and Zendee during the Autograph Poster Signing
And this is my most memorable experience for the year 2012 which I do believe that the mall tour filmed earlier will be part of the "Follow That Star" program which will be aired on GMA News TV Channel 11 next Saturday, 29th of December 2012 at 8pm as they will feature YouTube Stars of 2012. So, better watch out on that date and time and channel, because I might be featured in that said show.

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

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