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The Amazing Race Philippines Season 1: Final Leg, Final Part, Final Episode: Who will win 2 Million Pesos Cash? PLUS BONUS: REUNION EPISODE

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

Yesterday in The Amazing Race Philippines: The Final Leg has just started.
Tonight: Who will be the Season 1's Team Winner?


DAY 47 and 48

Nag-abutan na ang magbayaw at gym buddies pero nauna ang magbayaw. Let's see who will get in to the last pit stop first. LJ and CJ's still on the 2nd Road Block Task.

Jammed off si CJ sa motocross! Penalty or continue the task?
--------------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL GAP---------------------------------------------
The Celebrity Bestfriend team member CJ will try again the Road Block Task one more time.

Marc and Kat are still on the Davao Croc Park Task.

LJ to CJ: Keep your pace!

Teams must go to Ana Marina and go to the marked Jetski to get the next clue.

Once in the Jetski, be useful to count 97 circles and pull out one shovel.

On one shovel, it read, go to Buenavista Island and get your next clue.
--------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL GAP---------------------------------------------------
Marc and Kat finished on the Road Block task.

Fausto and Dayal on jetski!

Marc and Kat trying to catch up.

After 13 Legs, the Buenavista Samal Island Bountiful Cove will be the last pit stop of The Amazing Race Philippines Season 1. The 1st Team to arrive at this pit stop will win 2 Million Pesos Cash Prize from Brother Philippines!

Buenavista Samal - Final Pit Stop
1st Place: LJ and CJ (2 Million Pesos Cash Prize Team Winners)
2nd Place: Fausto and Dayal
3rd Place: Marc and Kat

CELEBRITY BESTFRIENDS are your 1st ever Season Winners of The Amazing Race Philippines! Congratulations also to the Runners-up: MAGBAYAW and GYM BUDDIES!
--------------------------------------REUNION SPECIAL EPISODE--------------------------------------------
LJ and CJ was the 1st ever winners of the Season 1 of The Amazing Race Philippines.
Biggest Competitor: Marc and Kat
LJ was a big fan of The Amazing Race.
2 Million Cash Prize of Celebrity Bestfriends will be used for renovation of kitchen and tuition fee for kids.
-------------------------------------COMMERCIAL GAP----------------------------------------------------------
The other 10 teams shared their unforgettable moments in the whole leg of the Amazing Race Phils. Season 1:
Crystel and Mykey - Star City
Ed and Angel - Baguio Episode
Saida and Jervi - Manok Episode
Anton and Armand - Intersection Task (Banga Task)
Pamela and Vanessa - Nautical Code Task
Dani and Mish - Longganisa Task (I DON'T EAT MEAT!)
Fausto and Dayal - Their 1st ever time to be 1st in the pit stop and the Bigas Task
Boom and Cheng - Bontoc Task (Nagpapagwapo) and Palayok Task
Sheena and Gee - All Legs especially the Balsa Task
Marc and Kat - Balsa Task (Screaming and shouting si Kat: Tama na! &@!0&*!# Tig-iisang tali nga lang!)
------------------------------------COMMERCIAL GAP-----------------------------------------------------------
Biggest Meltdowns by Derek Ramsey rolls in the camera!


Photogenic Teen Idol Search: Re-opening Soon!

With the 3 successful seasons of Photogenic Teen Idol Search previously, we want to ask from you blogger readers if you want to restart the Photogenic Teen Idol Search. Choose from Yes or No by voting on the poll below.

Voting ends January 20, 2013. Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

Friday, December 14, 2012

Kapamilya Simbang Gabi: Schedules on the Run!

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

With 11 days to go before Christmas, the ABS-CBN will be having its early sign-on starting December 16 with the Kapamilya Simbang Gabi 2012. Here's the full schedule:

December 16 (Sunday) - 5am
December 17 (Monday) - 4am
December 18 (Tuesday) - 4am
December 19 (Wednesday) - 4am
December 20 (Thursday) - 4am
December 21 (Friday) - 4am
December 22 (Saturday) - 5am
December 23 (Sunday) - 5am

Watch out for the December 24, 2012 schedule on the Update of Kapamilya Simbang Gabi: Schedules on the Run blog post!


The Amazing Race Philippines 2nd to the Last Episode: 13th Leg Starts!

Yesterday on The Amazing Race Philippines Season 1: With almost a month of racing around the Philippines, it boils down to 3 teams because Sheena and Gee was eliminated on the 12th Leg in the race around the Philippines:
1.) Marc and Kat - Gym Buddies
2.) Fausto and Dayal - Magbayaw
3.) LJ and CJ - Celebrity Bestfriends

Who among this 3 teams will be able to get the 2M Cash Prize? The Last Leg of The Amazing Race Philippines starts right now.


1st Task: The teams are going to leave messages for all the families for their race to 2M Cash Prize using a High Definition Cam from Canon!

Go to SM City Puerto Princesa and go to the Smart booth to get and discover your next clue.

Marc and Kat are already in the Smart Booth wherein the 1st team member needed to describe something while the other team member needs to say the destination with the Travel Agency they are told to do so. Once they've decoded it, they'll receive their next clue. (Smart is the official mobile partner of The Amazing Race Philippines.)
----------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL GAP-------------------------------------------------
Davao will be the Leg 13 and Final Leg of The Amazing Race Philippines.
All teams booked a flight via ZestAir going back to Manila and going to Davao.

When Fausto got a call with Dayal using Smart, the 1st thing that he said was fruit, so they got a 15-minute penalty for that.
--------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL GAP---------------------------------------------------
(Marc and Kat by the way, in yesterday's episode won a 1-year supply of Caltex with Techron being the 1st place in the 12th leg of The Amazing Race Philippines.)

Brother Philippines will sponsor the 2 Million Cash Prize for the 1st Placer of The Amazing Race Philippines for this season.

GAME ON! The Amazing Race Philippines Season 1 Final Leg starts right away!

They must go to the GAP FARM and get the next clue!
30-minutes? 1 hour for this Friday's episode tonight!

1st ROAD BLOCK Task: Statues represented the region! They need to arrange the flags according to the region corresponding to the leg that they have made it!
To give you the remarkable answer to the Road Block, here's the corresponding leg routes:
  1. Leg 1 (Metro Manila) - National Capital Region 
  2. Leg 2 (Metro Manila → Ilocos Sur) - NCR to Ilocos Region
  3. Leg 3 (Ilocos Sur → Mountain Province) - Ilocos Region to CAR
  4. Leg 4 (Mountain Province → Benguet) - CAR to CAR
  5. Leg 5 (Benguet → Zambales) - CAR to Central Luzon
  6. Leg 6 (Zambales → Pampanga → Tarlac) - Central Luzon
  7. Leg 7 (Pampanga → Albay) - Central Luzon to Bicol Region
  8. Leg 8 (Albay) - Bicol Region
  9. Leg 9 (Albay → Cebu) - Bicol Region to Central Vizayas
  10. Leg 10 (Cebu → Aklan) - Central Vizayas to Western Vizayas
  11. Leg 11 (Aklan → Metro Manila → Palawan) -Western Vizayas to NCR to Southern Tagalog
  12. Leg 12 (Palawan) - Southern Tagalog
  13. Leg 13 (Palawan → Davao del Sur) - Southern Tagalog to Davao Region
-----------------------------------------COMMERCIAL GAP------------------------------------------------------

Davao Crocodile Park Task: They must cross across the zipline with 80ft deep. Once one of the team members have not balanced themselves might be bitten by crocodiles. Once they've done the task. they'll get their next clue.

LJ and CJ are now in the Davao Crocodile Park.
The other 2 teams are still in the Road Block task.
Fausto and Dayal are in the 2nd Place. Marc and Kat are still in the hopes.
--------------------------------------COMMERCIAL GAP---------------------------------------------------------
Team LJ and CJ are shaking but made it to the Croc Park Task.
2nd RoadBlock Task: The team member must cross away to 20 times across the MotoCross Circuit. Once they've done it, they'll receive the next clue.

Fausto and Dayal are now on the Croc Park. Marc and Kat are still on the 1st Road Block Task but they got it.

Tomorrow: Part 2 and the Final Episode of The Amazing Race Philippines! The big question is: Who among Marc and Kat, LJ and CJ or Fausto and Dayal will be the 1st Season Winners of The Amazing Race Philippines and be receiving the 2 Million Pesos Cash Prize?

Catch the full 1-hour final episode of The Amazing Race Philippines tomorrow on a Saturday Primetime after Wil Time Big Time only here on TV5.

Brother Philippines will sponsor the 1st Season Winner's Cash Prize of The Amazing Race Philippines!

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

Zendee on the Friday Issue of The Philippine Star [12-14-2012]

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

With blessings and great indulgences, I made a tweet out of Zendee Official account on Twitter confirming of her mall tour tomorrow at SM City North Edsa. And Zendee says according to her Twitter account:

And speaking of Zendee, she is featured on the 1st part of the Entertainment Section of The Philippine Star dated today (December 14, 2012). Here's the screen clipping of the article titled "Zendee out to prove that she's more than a random girl":

Zendee on The Philippine Star Entertainment Section dated December 14, 2012
You can get the digital edition of this clipping by registering and logging in to The Philippine Star Digital Edition and get a clipping of this so that you could read on it.

And speaking of the confirmation on Twitter, rain or shine, tuloy ang mall tour ni Zendee Rose Tenerefe tomorrow at 4pm.

[UPDATE] Zendee Mall Tour: Back-to-back Saturdays

The fans are surely excited to the upcoming Mall Tours of Zendee Rose J. Tenerefe at SM City North Edsa tomorrow back-to-back with next Mall Tour this next Saturday on December 22, 2012.

Zendee Mall Tours Poster
On the lighter side notes, I'll be getting on the 3rd and 4th Mall Tour back-to-back. So, to all shoppers who are going to SM City North Edsa tomorrow, see you there! Also, shoppers of SM City Fairview, see you on the last mall tour as we are going to get a glimpse of back-to-back events on December 22, 2012 because aside from the Mall Tour with Zendee, there will be a glam fireworks display which will happen after Zendee's Mall Tour.

See you there! Mall hours extended for 2 more hours today and tomorrow and on December 21 and 22 from 10am til 12mn.

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Amazing Race Philippines: Day 45 Encore Updates: Puerto Princesa Tour Challenge continues!



Yesterday: Marc and Kat still on the Top Spot for the 12th Leg of The Amazing Race Philippines!
Tonight: Puerto Princesa Challenge continues!

Sheena and Gee on 2nd Team and Fausto and Dayal on the 3rd Team Spot! LJ and CJ meanwhile gets on the Roadblock Task!

Next challenge: Close Ba Kayo?

5 Questions for the remarkable challenge! All they need to do is to match their answers! Once they made it, they'll receive the next clue!

Medyo matatagalan sila Marc and Kat with the Close Ba Kayo challenge. Anong mangyayari sa mga susunod na pagkakataon? Close out by reading the Part 2!

-------------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL GAP----------------------------------------------

Part 2: Close Ba Kayo Challenge continues!
-------------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL GAP----------------------------------------------
Part 3: Close Ba Kayo Challenge was first furnished by Marc and Kat. They will be travelling by boat to the 12th Pit Stop in the race around the Philippines which is the Luli Island which will be found in Honda Bay!

Tomorrow: You will know who will be the 3 Final Teams that will be racing in the last Leg of The Amazing Race Philippines. That's why I will ask you this question.

Among the 4 Teams remaining, who will be racing in the Top 3 for the Final Leg and who will be eliminated?
Will it be:
--Gym Buddies (Marc and Kat)
--Magbayaw (Fausto and Dayal)
--Reunited Friends (Sheena and Gee)
--Celebrity Bestfriends (LJ and CJ)

Post your guesses by commenting on this post: (Please copy and paste the form below.)
-------------------------------------------VOTING FORM----------------------------------------------------------
12th Pit Stop: Luli Island, Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Leg Race Ranking:
1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:
Eliminated Team:

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

TESDA Livelihood Pogram's Christmas Party 2012 at Cith Garden's Resort, Villa Angelica Subd.

With God's graces, 12-12-12 was the remarkable day of the year in my life. Early this morning, I was picked as a host for the Christmas Party 2012 at the Cith Garden Resorts, Villa Angelica Subdivision as well as being the judge in the TESDA Livelihood Program Christmas Party 2012.

With graces and merciful standards of being the master of ceremonies, the TESDA Livelihood Program Christmas Party 2012 was held successfully.

All pictures above and the next pictures are going to be sealed with my link. If you want to copy the pictures, please make sure that you e-mailed me at or in order for me to approve it depending on the validity of the reason. Thanks!

Next Event: Zendee at SM City North Edsa!

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

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