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10th Leg Starts: The Amazing Race Philippines Back-to-back Episodes


DAY 36 and 37


Yesterday: Boom and Cheng says goodbye to the remarkable leg from Cebu!
Part 1: Teams make their way to Boracay!
5 Teams Remaining and they will make it to the Boracay as they start the Leg 9 Race around the Philippines.

With the remarkable leg back-to-back this Saturday, the leg starts from Mactan International Airport going to the Top 1 Beach Destination, Boracay.

1st Task: Fly from Cebu to Boracay via an airport with Cebu to Caticlan flight.
All teams are now directing their flights. From Cebu-Manila-Caticlan are the 4 other teams while the other team Fausto and Dayal is a direct flight from Cebu to Caticlan so they were the 1st team to arrive.

All teams are now making its way at Boracay via boat for the start of the 9th leg in the race around the Philippines.

Teams must make their way to Willy's Beach Resort for the next clue.

All teams got the Fast Forward meaning that if they succeed in the tasks, they will race to the 9th Leg's Pit Stop and their task is to make one of them bald.

Part 2: Balding Task and Boracay Challenge continues!
Fausto and Dayal make the Fast Forward Challenge while Sheena and Gee tries to make this task else, otherwise, they'll get to the Detour task one more time!

In the Detour task: It's Lulubog o Lilitaw!
For the Lulubog Task: Teams must go to the Bulabog Beach Resort and untie the circular knots to get the best way to untie the path. Once they've done this, they'll get the next clue. The team that will get hard with the task will get a hard time.

For the Lilitaw Task: They must get to the boat and one must dive for the coconuts while the other must make their teammate do the pulling of the thread to get 3 coconuts in 3 buoys. Once they've done it, they'll receive the next clue. Once the teams made this task easy, they'll sweep the tasks to the Finish Line.

Fausto and Dayal made it to the Pit Stop immediately skipping all tasks that other teams will do and made a running 600K total from American Tourister which is a cash sponsor of the Amazing Race Philippines Leg Prizes.

Teams must go to the Sprite Beach Party and drink Sprite and find The Amazing Race Philippines Sprite cap to receive the next clue.

Roadblock Task: Team must go to the part of Boracay and one member of the team must dig for the next clue. The ones who will go slow with the task will get the task hard.

On Monday: They must make their talent to get the tasks. Oh no, why Kat cried? Find out on Monday in The Amazing Race Philippines.

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

Friday, November 30, 2012

Tomorrow: Catch the remarkable 1-hour special of The Amazing Race Philippines Season 1!

Dahil sa matinding support ninyo sa The Amazing Race Philippines, mas mahabang blog post ang maeexpect ninyo bukas ng gabi dahil 1-hour special na ang The Amazing Race Philippines dahil last 2 weeks na lang ay matatapos na ang karera.

Kaya, mas maeenjoy nyo rin ang mga blow-by-blow events sa blog as well as Twitter posts from the remarkable lovely team members of the race. Natitira na lang sa karera ay ang mga sumusunod:

1.) Marc and Kat - Gym Buddies
2.) LJ and CJ - Celebrity Bestfriends
3.) Boom and Cheng - Magkumpare
4.) Fausto and Dayal - Magbayaw
5.) Sheena and Gee - Reunited Friends
6.) Saida and Jervi - Amigas

Kaya, pakatutukan ang mas mahaba at mga kapana-panabik na mga amazing race events sa 1-hour special ng The Amazing Race Philippines Season 1 na mapapanood bukas pagkatapos ng Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide. Pero, pakatutukan ang mga amazing race events sa Cebu mamayang gabi para sa Day 35 ng The Amazing Race Philippines na mapapanood naman mamaya pagkatapos ng Wil Time Big Time sa PRIMETIME PANALO ng TV5.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 34 Encore Updates: The Amazing Race Philippines Season 1

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo



Yesterday: 9th Leg at the peak!

Tonight: 9th Leg Continues!
Remarkable Fausto and Dayal arrived at the Intersection 1st!

The new Intersection task is: At Coco Hair Studio, teams must need to convince 2 girls and make 2 different hairstyles for them until the shoulder length. If hairdresser is convinced, they'll get their next clue.

Last Team so far is Jervi and Saida. Marc and Kat is at the 2nd Place at the Intersection Leg.

Intersection Task is the: "Hairdressing Time Style!" Pa-hard-to-get sila Fausto and Dayal para sa teammate nila na si Marc and Kat.

LJ and CJ, Sheena and Gee makes its way to the Detour Tasks while Boom and Cheng are on their way in Parkmall, Cebu City.

Stay tuned for Day 35 as it will air tomorrow!

Second Blog at the end of November has reached more than 800 views

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With love and comfort for this blog that I am doing, I am personally thanking everyone for those who are reading my blog entries. And because it has reached more than 800 views, I'll be sending the site to other traffic sites so that more blog readers will read my blog.
Please continue to support my blog so that my blog will be definitely reaching its highest top at

Thanks everyone for your continued patronage.

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Blog reaches its close to 800 views! Please continue to share my blog to your friends.

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I am personally thanking everyone for making my blog really active. As of now, my blog page reaches now close to 800 views.
And in celebration of this: My blog will be upgraded with new features which you'll surely love it.

Stay tuned for updates on the new features of this blog. If you reached this blog to 1000 views or more, the blog will be having a Text Mates finder section. That section will have its full updates once it will reach the said number of views.

9th Leg Continues: Cebu Tour: The Amazing Race Philippines Day 33 Encore Updates

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo



Marc and Kat needs to arrange the remarkable jewelries from lowest to highest.

Other teams are now at Vanafi Jewelry Store in Cebu.

Marc and Kat, who finished in 1st place is now doing the Detour Task and they will do the Uling task wherein they need to go to the GG Ulingan Store and they need to get 2 sacks of uling and repack it into 50 plastic bags with equal sizes and weights. Once they've done it, they'll receive the next clue.

Fausto and Dayal on the other hand will do the Sa-ang task wherein they will break the shell first and make sticks which cost 15php each. Once they make 525php sold, they'll receive the next clue.

Tomorrow (Day 34): Diskartehan na para di mahuli sa karera!Intersection, Abangan bukas! Pati Tweets from The Amazing Race Followers and followers of the Teams, abangan din bukas!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sandosenang Balita: Year-ender Special of ABS-CBN

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo


 With 2 days to go before the voting will end, the ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs asks you to vote for the 12 top news stories that made the Filipinos felt it.


Here are the choices for the said program:
Corona Impeachment Trial
Jessie Robredo Death
Dolphy Death
Scarborough Shoal Territorial Dispute
Plagiarism Charges vs Sen. Tito Sotto
Hagupit ng Habagat
Cases vs Former President Arroyo
Pinoy Pride (Jessica Sanchez, Pacquiao, Azkals, Donaire, atbp.)
Tulfo-Raymart-Claudine NAIA Brawl
PH Gov't-MILF Bangsamoro Peace Agreement
Pedro Calungsod Canonization
Rise Of CCTV vs Crime & Accidents
Controversial Bills & Laws (RH, FOI, Sin Taxes, Cybercrime Prevention Act Of 2012)
Rolito Go Kidnap Fiasco
Jaja Rodelas Murder
Strong Economy & PNoy Achievements
Aman Futures Investment Scam
San Beda Hazing Deaths
Iggy Arroyo Death
The Road to Halalan 2013 (LP-UNA, Party-List Purges, atbp.)

To vote for the Top 12 Stories, you can vote in any of the 3 ways:
(From the site)
  • Pumili ng 12 mula sa mga balitang nakalista rito kung alin ang dapat makasali sa Yearender ng Bayan.
  • Mag-email sa; ilagay sa subject line ang "12balita".
  • Bumisita sa at bumoto roon o mag-tweet ng iyong boto sa @bayanmo gamit ang hashtag na #12balita.
  • Itawag ang iyong boto sa 411 00 12 (maaaring tumawag mula 10 ng umaga hanggang 10 ng gabi).
Deadline for the voting is on November 30, 2012.
Sama-sama nating alalahanin ang malalaking balitang humugis sa 2012. Buuin ang Sandosenang Balita: Ang Year-ender ng Bayan!

2 Days Straight: The Amazing Race Philippines Encore Updates shall resume tomorrow!

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

My apologies to all those who are viewing my blog. I haven't updated you with the Days 25 and 26 Updates of The Amazing Race Philippines. Such late of watching it and didn't start it on time.

So, with this, my apologies to all blogger readers! Promising you, Wednesday, tomorrow, Manila Time: I'll be resuming the The Amazing Race Philippines Encore Updates. Monday and Tuesday's Encore Updates will be updated on Sunday during The Amazing Race Philippines Marathon.

Holidays are here again! SM Fairview gives an extra hour treat for all!

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

In celebration of the Yuletide Season, SM Fairview will give an extra hour treat for all SM Shoppers!

Starting November 29, 2012, the mall hours would be:

Enjoy a nonstop 2 hours extension mall hours on Dec. 14, 15, 21 and 22 from 10am to 12mn. On December 15, 2012, enjoy the fireworks display while shopping at SM Fairview.

On December 24 and 31, SM City Fairview will have an early shopping mall hours on the opening till closing and that will be from 9am till 7pm. While on the New Year's Day 2013, SM Fairview will have its mall hours for only 10 hours from 12nn till 9pm.

So, celebrate the Yuletide Season and be merry this Christmas at SM Fairview!

Monday, November 26, 2012

8th Leg Continues: Day 24 of The Amazing Race Philippines

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo



Last Friday on Amazing Race Philippines: 8th Leg Starts!
*We were not able to make the Saturday's episode yesterday night that's why there's not tweet updates.*

Day 24 Encore Updates:
Detour continues now and it makes the Crabs more muddy and Coconut's more grating.

Saida was the only one who peed off in the Crab task. My Gawd! HMMM! BAHO!
They must make their way to the Misibis Bay Resort via Sulu Port Ferry to get the next clue.

Roadblock:teams need to go to the lobby of the Misibis Bay Resort and find their assigned room which contains their next clue using an electronic key. However, the teammate of the team's must carry the cocktails in one hand. (There must be patience.) For Sheena and Gee's team: Sheena will do the task. For Marc and Kat, Marc will do the task. For Boom and Cheng: Boom will do the task. For the Saida and Jervi: Jervi will do the task.

Marc and Kat's jeep was so slow. Meanwhile, Fausto and Dayal got back to Lana's Halo-halo for the task.

The leg's for the Ed and Angel's team starts.

Tomorrow: Ang di makakaahon, mahirap nang makahabol! Ang di marunong magsagwan, tiyak malalaglag! Day 25 Updates with Tweets on Commercial Gaps will be also making its way.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Miss Earth 2012: A Huge Remarkable Success

Miss Earth 2012 was a remarkable huge success during its telecast yesterday night on Star World and its primetime telecast now on ABS-CBN Channel 2.

What is Miss Earth Foundation?
According to the remarkable official website of Miss Earth Foundation, here's how it was established:

Established in 2004, MISS EARTH FOUNDATION, INC. is a non-stock, non-profit organization which ably serves as the environmental-social-humanitarian outreach arm of the MISS EARTH® organization worldwide. With its dedication to propagate environmental awareness and initiate changes with small and big impacts, MISS EARTH® winners, as well as delegates, become spokespersons and role models using their influence to send the urgent messages across.

Headed by Executive Director Cathy Untalan, MISS EARTH FOUNDATION, INC. works with the local and international groups and non-governmental organizations that are also actively involved in worthwhile environmental causes such as the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Now, Miss Earth according to Wikipedia is that:
Miss Earth is an annual international beauty pageant promoting environmental awareness.[1][2] Along with Miss Universe and Miss World contests, Miss Earth is one of the four largest beauty pageants in the world in terms of the number of national-level competitions to participate in the world finals[3][4][5] and one of the most publicized beauty contests in the world.[6][7][8]
The reigning titleholders dedicate their year to promote specific projects and often address issues concerning the environment and other global issues[9][10] through school tours, tree planting activities, street campaigns, coastal clean ups, speaking engagements, shopping mall tours, media guesting, environmental fair, storytelling programs, eco-fashion shows, and other environmental activities.[11]
The Miss Earth winner is the spokesperson for the Miss Earth Foundation, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and other environmental organizations.[12] The Miss Earth Foundation also works with the environmental departments and ministries of participating countries, various private sectors and corporations, as well as Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF).(Source:

The Miss Earth 2012 was held here in Philippines particularly in Versailles Palace, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

But before the momentum crown, there were several Special Awards. Challenges were also held and the winners are as follows: (For the full list of the winners for the Challenges, please refer to:

Miss Earth Trivia Challenge: The "Miss Earth 2012 Trivia Challenge" was held last November 4, 10 2012 (Challenges were held at Robinsons Place Dasmariñas, Cavite and at Robinsons Pioneer Forum in Mandaluyong City):
In Cavite: Ms. South Africa

In Mandaluyong: Ms. Wales

Walk with Miss Earth 2012 Challenge: The "Walk with Miss Earth Campaign" were held on the following dates: November 4,6,7 and 8, 2012 .
Luneta Park: Ms. South Africa

SM North Edsa: Ms. Canada

SM Mall of Asia: Ms. Dominican Republic

I Love My Planet School Campaign: The "I Love My Planet School Tour Challenge" were held last November 5 and 8, 2012. The following candidates were chosen as the "Best School Tour Teachers".
For Binangonan Elem. School in Rizal: Ms. Turkey
For Ilaya and P. Jarin Elem. Schools in Rizal: Ms. Fiji

Dolphins Love Freedom Mural Painting Challenge:The "Dolphins Love Freedom Mural Painting Challenge" was held last November 5, 2012 at the Asian Center, Katipunan, Quezon City, Philippines.

For Group 1: Ms. England
For Group 2: Ms. Turkey

Press Presentation at Taguig: The Official Press Presentation of the Miss Earth 2012 candidates was held last November 6, 2012 at the F1 Hotel
Darling of the Press: Ms. Philippines

Liter of Light Project Campaign: The "Liter of Light Project Campaign" were held on the following dates: November 6, 8 and 10, 2012. The project promotes the use of plastic bottles with water as an alternative bulb. The following candidates are hailed as "The Fastest Learners" in making the project.

For Group 1: Ms. Puerto Rico
For Group 3: Ms. Germany

Environmental Seminar at NAPWC: The Environmental Seminar of the Miss Earth 2012 candidates was held last November 7, 2012 at the Bulwagang Ninoy, Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife, Diliman, Quezon City.
Best Participant: Ms. South Africa
Most Sociable: Ms. Guam

M.E. 2012 My Own Bag Greenbag Challenge: The Miss Earth Greenbag Challenge was held at the most renowned SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. The activity promotes the use of reusable bags.
Winners: Ms. Australia, Ms. Belgium and Ms. Belize

Resorts Wear Competition:  The Resorts Wear Competition of the Miss Earth 2012 candidates were held last November 9, 13, and 17.
For Lingayen, Pangasinan Challenge: Ms. Puerto Rico
For Pontefino Hotel Challenge: Ms. Venezuela
For Legazpi, Albay Challenge: Ms. Germany

Miss Earth Eco-Ambassadress: The Challenge was held at Hamilo Coast, Pico de Loro:
Winner and Ms. Eco-Ambassadress: Ms. Germany

Miss Earth Talent: The "Miss Earth 2012 Talent Competition" were held last November 10, 11, 2012. The winners are:
For the Starmills Pampanga Challenge: Ms. Puerto Rico
For the EK, Sta. Rosa, Laguna Challenge: Ms. Turkey
For the Dilinger's Bar, Makati City Challenge: Ms. Malaysia

Miss Earth Sponsored Swimsuit Parade: The "Miss Earth 2012 Sponsored Swimsuit Parade" was held last November 9, 2012.
Winner for this Challenge: Ms. Paraguay

Miss Earth Swimsuit Challenge: The "Miss Earth 2012 Official Swimsuit Competition" were held last November 10 and 14, 2012.
For the Palawan Challenge: Ms. Puerto Rico
For the Batangas Challenge at Golden Sunset Resort: Ms. Venezuela
For the Bulacan Challenge at Northwoods: Ms. Paraguay

Miss Earth Most Fun Beauty: Winner for this Challenge is Ms. Ecuador.

Miss Earth TRESemme Hair Challenge: Winner for this Challenge is Ms. Belgium

Miss Earth Ever Bilena Make Up Challenge: Winner for this Challenge is Ms. Russia

Miss Earth Charity Day Challenge: Winner for this Challenge is: Ms. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Miss Earth Evening Gown Competition: Winners for the Challenge are:
For the Pangasinan Challenge: Ms. South Africa
For the Tagaytay Challenge at The Lake Hotel: Ms. US Virgin Islands
For the SMDC Challenge: Ms. Guatemala

Miss Earth National Costume Competition: The "Miss Earth 2012 National Competition" was held last November 19, 2012 at the F1 Hotel.
Winner for this Challenge is: Ms. Thailand

Miss Earth 2012 started with the introduction of 80+ candidates with their presentation number.
Special Awards were also given:

Miss Earth Miss Photogenic: The Miss Photogenic winners were surprisingly announced last November 19, 2012 despite the end of the online voting is on the 21st. The untimely announcement created a stir to some of the pageant followers. However, the Miss Earth Organizers has issued a statement (thru Facebook) apologizing for misannouncing the deadline of online voting which should be on the 19th:
Winner for this Challenge is Ms. Venezuela

Miss Earth Miss Friendship Award:
Group 1 Winner: Ms. Colombia
Group 2 Winner: Ms. India
Group 3 Winner: Ms. Italy

Full Special Awards is found at the Miss Earth 2012 Wikipedia Page.

Then, right after which the Top 16 were announced. They are as follows:

1.) Russia
2.) South Africa
3.) Germany
4.) Venezuela
5.) Korea
6.) Italy
7.) Mexico
8.) Nepal
9.) Scotland

10.) Costa Rica
11.) Poland
12.) Japan
13.) Czech Republic
14.) Brazil
15.) Philippines
16.) USA
Executives of Carousel Prod.:
Ms. Peachy Veneracion
Ms. Lorraine Schuck
Mr. Ramon Monzon 
Now, from Top 16 they will be down to Top 8! Top 16 made their fabulous walk with their Swimsuits.
1.) Czech Republic
2.) South Africa
3.) Philippines
4.) Nepal
5.) Russia
6.) Venezuela
7.) USA
8.) Brazil

The 8 Semi-finalists ramped their gowns in the Evening Gown Competition.
Miss Earth
1 week royal accomodation at F1 Premiere Hotel
1 year supply of EB Cosmetrics
Charms and Crystals
MyPhone Mobile
Footwear from Alrberto
Naomi Pearl Necklace
Canon Pixma and Canon ixus for the Winner
1 year Ponds supply
From 8, they will be reduced into half again making the 4 remaining the Final 4:
1.) Brazil
2.) Venezuela
3.) Philippines
4.) Czech Republic
All of the ladies from Top 4 made their remarkable remarks regarding the final question: What would you consider as your defining moment as a woman?
Miss Earth 2011 makes a royal salute!
Now, the question is: Who among the Final 4 will be crowned as the new Miss Earth 2012?
Miss Fire: Brazil - Camila Brant
Miss Water: Venezuela - Osmariel Villalobos
Miss Air: Philippines - Stephany Stefanowitz
Miss Earth 2012: Czech Republic - Tereza Fajksová
The Miss Earth 2012 has been a remarkable success for the Philippines! Congratulations to the newly crowned Miss Air 2012 Stephany Stefanowitz!

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