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8th Leg Starts: Day 23 of The Amazing Race Philippines Encore Update



Yesterday: Non-Elimination Leg for the 7th Leg!
Tonight: 8th Leg Starts!

1st Route: Go to Legazpi City Public Market and find for the Lana's Halo-halo Stall and finish the Halo-halo until you find the next clue on the Halo-halo.

"Don't raise your hands!" Kat says to Marc!

Tinding makapanglait si Dayal kay Kat. Here's a Tweet from AmazingRacePH and reply from Kat:

Grabeng nagulat si Patricia Ann Roque sa halo-halo task!

Ang yabang ni Dayal! Di makuha ang clue!

Pipingutin ni Gee si Dayal pag nakita niya yun!

Tulong tulong naman!

Detour Task na sa 2nd Route: Crab or Coconut!

For Crab: They need to catch crabs and put in a container for to deliver to the fisherman to get the next clue! (The ones who will be afraid of chela or the claw of the crab will get their chance be clamped!)
For Coconut: They need to grind coconuts until they reached the green mark in the bowl to get the next clue. (The ones who will grind slowly will not make it to the next route.)

Nganga na ang mga magbayaw! Kailangan nilang bumalik para makuha ang next clue!

Sheena and Gee are now on the 1st Place because they get the crabs immediately.

3rd Route: Make your way to the Mabini's Ferry!

Ed and Angel had a 2-hour penalty due to the Sili Express task that they didn't finished in the 7th leg race!

Day 24 na bukas: Ang ibang teams may magandang refreshments while pampered with the massage while their teammate will take risk of the part of serving. Ang ibang teams, they will taste the local industry.

Let's catch up with more tweets before we close this blog post!

Excited ang isang Twitter follower dahil akala niya na nangunguna sila Marc and Kat

Nagulat si Gee na 1st place sila ni Sheena!

Magaling ang partner ni Sheena na si Gee!

Missed on the episodes? Amazing_RacePH tweeted the followers who missed on the episodes:

Day 23 Done! Magkakaroon na kaya ng 2nd successful week of updates for The Amazing Race Philippines? Watch out for tomorrow!

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7th Leg Continues: Day 22 of The Amazing Race Philippines Encore Updates



Yesterday: Challenges got harder with the Sili Express and Pig or Jig Detour Task!
Tonight: Relaying with the luggages!

Marc and Kat relays the 1st try on the luggages! Meanwhile on the Pig task, Angel was so pissed off! Ed of Team Ed and Angel says that they're gonna take the penalty.

Jervi was so fast so that the other ATV rider makes it crash.

TWEET Time because it's commercial gap!

Kat Tan retweeted Trish Roque's tweet regarding the Roadblock Task!

Ship It Here (Twitter Follower of Angel Movido) hopes for a non-elimination leg!

7th Route: Pitstop (Break Water in Legazpi City, Albay)
Leg Race Ranking: (Partial)
1st: Fausto and Dayal (200K from American Tourister)
2nd: Marc and Kat

Meanwhile, Team Ed and Angel got the Jig task in the Detour on the 9th Try. Gee made the 1st Turn and got the clue while others have some turns on trying to find for the next clue!

Naloka naman si JM Castillo sa nangyari kanila Kat Tan at Marc.

Naawa naman si Jerielyn sa Roadblock Task na ginawa ni Jervi!

Promo time for AmazingRacePH:

Grabeng-grabe ang sabi ni Kat Tan, alog-alog!
Myk quoted the saying of CJ!

Ed and Angel are now in the Lignon Hill in the Japanese Tunnel!

Angel will do the Roadblock Task.

Saida and Jervi got it on 3rd Try.

Leg Race Ranking: (Partial)
3rd: Boom and Cheng
4th: Sheena and Gee
5th: LJ and CJ
6th: Saida and Jervi

Is it elimination for the Team Father and Daughter?
Last Team: Ed and Angel

Non-elimination Leg! Wooohhhh! Ed and Angel are still in the race but they will get 1st in the 8th Leg or else 30-minute penalty!

Tomorrow: Huwag bitawan ang determinasyon baka malubog ang swerte! Day 23 na bukas!

Swerteng swerte ng mag-ama on the 7th Leg! Non-elimination leg! Let's see what the Ed-Angel team fans has to say:

Favorite na leg ni Saida ang 7th Leg. Here's her tweet:

Abangan bukas!Amazing Race PH Twitter account tweeted this:

Thanks so much everyone who made my 2nd blog reached 600 views easily! Keep on tuning to this blog for the updates and featured tweets about The Amazing Race Philippines only here on Loving Me Loving You: JM's Blog that you're going to love: The Amazing Race Philippines Season 1 Encore Updates!

Other Tweets:

Naku, abangan nyo ang Face-to-Face nila Marc and Kat sa pagsisimula 8th Leg bukas!

Baka di pwede yun.
Emotional Angel Movido on her tweet ang nakita namin!
Emosyonal si Angel!
By the way, Boom of Boom and Cheng Team is on Kahit Puso'y Masugatan's episode today. Missed on it? Catch it on

For the promo, visit The Amazing Race Philippines Facebook Fan Page and answer the simple question: Bakit nyo gusto ang (fave team of your choice)? Hanggang 9am lamang ang promo. 5 fans with the best answers will get a video message from the team they've chosen. Also, 10 fans will also get a lovely fansign from the teams they have commented on!

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Top 10 Popular Posts as of November 21, 2012

Of your unwavering support, picture shown above are the Top 10 posts from the start (November 1, 2012 until the present time). Thank you very much for taking this opportunity to view my posts most especially to The Amazing Race Philippines daily encore updates! Also, popularly viewed is the Madagascar Christmas Adventure 2012 Launch and Upcoming Christmas activities of SM and the Miss Earth 2012.

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7th Leg Continues: Day 21: The Amazing Race Season 1 Encore Updates



Yesterday: Sili Express!

Tonight: Apakan sa putikan! Sili Express continues!

Day 21 na ng The Amazing Race Philippines
4th Route: Pig or Jig (Detour Task)
Task Details:
Pig - They need to get into the pen and get 2 pigs. The ones who will get their task immediately gets the next clue but the ones who will not be getting it will be automatically slipping away their chances.
Jig - Teams must learn first the Ibalong Dance. After they learn the dance, they must dance in front of the judges. Once they're satisfied, they'll get the next clue.

5th Route: Travel by marked jeep to a World War II Japanese tunnel. They must get into the tunnel until they find a box containing their next clue.

Tweet Time (Commercial Gap!)

Poise out pa ng window habang nasususka! Woah! So disgusting! Gee told to Sheena!

Throw up na throw up naman ang teams! Jove Francisco says:

Grabeng gulatan ni @onlydaddybirds kung anong gagawin sa luggages na biglang binanatan ni Kat sa twitter user!

Brief time for Boom and Cheng! BOOM na BOOM! Whack! Laughtrip time!

Di pa rin talaga sususko sila Sheena and Gee (That time pinapanood ko Jig task nila!)

Nagrorock on naman para kay Boom and Cheng si Sheena!

Retweet ni Gee ang sinabi ni @eracrz at tinawanan pa ang sili labuyo task. Wahaha!

Mag-ama: They get hard!

Grabeng tawag naman ng uwak si Gee at Saida! Bwahaha! Laughtrip dito.

6th Route: Roadblock Task
Task Details: One must ride a big motorcycle and match the box and climb a wall while carrying a luggage of American Tourister. Once the matched it, they will receive the next clue.

Tweet Time!
Katulad ng kahapon, sobrang irita si John Alvin sa ginagawa ni Dayal!

May tunnel sa Lignon Hill according to Jove Francisco!
Lignon Hill pala yung dinaanan nilang may tunnel!

Matinding practice ni Kat ang ipinapahiwatig sa tweet ni Kat ng niretweet nya ang tweet ni @arrcii29.

Napakabossy ni Kat according to Yohan Addrie!

Saida ay hindi makahinga while finding for the next clue!

Tomorrow: Ang mababagal ng sobra, tiyak masasalisihan. Pero ang mabibilis, tiyak mababangga. Anong gagawin ng mga mahuhuli para di umuwing luhaan? Find out on the Day 22 of The Amazing Race Philippines Encore Updates tomorrow night!

May humabol na tweet before the Day 21 ended!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

7th Leg Race Starts: The Amazing Race Season 1 Day 20 Encore Updates



 Yesterday: Leg Race Ranking:
1st: Boom and Cheng (200K cash from American Tourister)
2nd: Fausto and Dayal
3rd: Marc and Kat
4th: Sheena and Gee
5th: LJ and CJ
6th: Saida and Jervi
7th: Ed and Angel
8th/Eliminated: Dani and Mish

Bombshells eliminated from the race!
Tonight: Patindihan na ng sikmura! Catch the Day 20 of the Amazing Race Philippines!

7th Leg Starts:
From Mt. Pinatubo to Legazpi
1st Route: Travel by bus to Legazpi, Albay but travel by Jeep from Holiday Inn to the Bus Station carrying 8 American Tourister Travel Luggages until the next pit stop.
(Due to the Van Hotel Service by Boom and Cheng and Marc and Kat, they are given 1 hour penalty.)

Commercial Gap and while waiting for the 2nd Route (Tweet Time!)
Kat, the member of Marc-Kat team ay masaya dahilan sa kanilang kinakargang mga luggages!

One of the Team Mag-ama is very excited about their 1st task!
Kayang-kaya mo talaga, Angel!
Camille Canlas takes a negative side for Sheena and Gee!
Ingat lang sa words, teh!
Mautak na ama ang sinabi sa tweet ni Renelynn!
Renelynn: In fact, napanood ko rin yan. Pinagkasya nila into one!

Sheena and Gee overtook LJ and CJ.
12 hours lay to the Legazpi! 2nd Route: Travel by marked jeepney to Red Labuyo Restaurant and eat a much hotter and spicier Bicol Express and Strawberry Ice Cream to get the next clue!

Tweets Time while waiting for the 3rd Route:

Gosh! Tama ka nga dyan, Ryan! Ang mismong task na yun ay dapat malakas ang sikmura at walang almoranas!
Raymond Estadilla sweeps on the 2nd Task of the 7th Leg!
Raymond: TRUE!
LJ Moreno tweets regarding their Bicol Express task!
LJ: My gosh!

whoa! that was a very disgusting task!
Jeremiah Espuerta meanwhile takes a look on the Sheena and Gee team vs. LJ and CJ Team:
Luis Andi Tsui, meanwhile is stressed on Dayal-Fausto team most especially to Dayal!

Whoa! Puso mo, Luis!

3rd Route:Travel by Jeep to Kasagwa Church!

Tweet Time!
John Alvin Palmero tweets this:
Sumasapi nga ba si Dani kay Dayal? Hahaha!
Jove Francisco recaps Dayal and Fausto saying.
Naku, sa mga sasali sa Season 2: Dapat may wits kayo!

What a disgusting Day 20!

Tomorrow:Apakan sa putikan! Ang hindi kaya ang anghang, malamang maeeliminate. Will Ed and Angel be staying in the race or they will be eliminated? Catch tomorrow as 7th Leg continues on the Day 21 of The Amazing Race Philippines!

Started yesterday, tweets from the followers of the hashtags #amazingraceph will be featured in all encore updates of The Amazing Race Philippines and the mentioned users will be notified that their tweets are posted!

Starshine 3rd Weekly Finals Performance embedded

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Deadline of voting is on November 25, 2012 at 11:59pm!

My Asus Intel Sing To Win 2011 Video (Pinoy Ako)

Even though the singing competition is over, I push through to upload and publish this video

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Continuation of the 6th Leg: The Amazing Race Philippines Day 19 Encore Updates



 Previously on Day 18 Encore Updates of The Amazing Race continues as the 6th Leg (Pampanga Leg) continues. Tensions rising!

6th Leg Starts!
1st Route: Talimundok, Magalang, Angeles City, Pampanga (Roadblock and Voting for the 1st U-turn)
Roadblock Task: You need to shoot at least 5 points to get the next clue.
2nd Route: Tamaan O Iwasan

Siksikan sa isang kotse! Tamaan o Iwasan? Who will get on the 6th Pit Stop first and get the 200K Cash Prize from American Tourister? Will The Bombshells still recover from the race or this is over for them? Catch The Amazing Race Philippines Day 19 Encore Updates

6th Leg Continues! Tamaan O Iwasan Time at Siksikan Time!
2nd Route with U-turn (Tamaan O Iwasan - Detour Task) U-turn: Dani and Mish (BOMBSHELLS!)
3rd Route: SM Clark (Sponsored by: Pharmaton)
Task: Park the car to the Pharmaton racing area. Then, without pushing it, place it in the yellow marked area and make the 10 persons get inside for 30 seconds. If they did that, they'll receive the next clue!
4th Route: (6th Pit Stop: Mount Pinatubo)
Other Updates for the Teams:
--All teams except for the Bombshells are now on The Great Pharmaton Stack-up Challenge!

Tweets for the Recent Episode:

Leg Race Ranking:
1st: Boom and Cheng (200K cash from American Tourister)
2nd: Fausto and Dayal
3rd: Marc and Kat
4th: Sheena and Gee
5th: LJ and CJ
6th: Saida and Jervi
7th: Ed and Angel
8th/Eliminated: Dani and Mish

Bombshells eliminated from the race!
Tomorrow: Patindihan na ng sikmura! Catch the Day 20 of the Amazing Race Philippines!

TARP Season 1's 200K Cash Leg Prizes is given by American Tourister while Brother will be the one's who will be given the 2M Grand Prize Cash Winner.

PMPC Star Awards for TV 2012 Winners

Best TV Station: ABS-CBN
Best Drama Series: Amaya (GMA)
Best Drama Actor: Jericho Rosales (Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig, ABS-CBN)
Best Drama Actress (tie): Nora Aunor (Sa Ngalan Ng Ina, TV5) & Helen Gamboa (Walang Hanggan, ABS-CBN)
Best Child Performer: Xyriel Manabat (100 Days To Heaven, ABS-CBN)
Best Comedy/Gag Show: Toda Max (ABS-CBN)
Best Comedy Actor: Robin Padilla (Toda Max, ABS-CBN)
Best Comedy Actress (tie): Pokwang (Toda Max, ABS-CBN) & Rufa Mae Quinto (Bubble Gang, GMA)
Best Single Performance By An Actor: Noni Buencamino (Maalaala Mo Kaya: “Sapatos” episode, ABS-CBN)
Best Single Performance By An Actress: Sylvia Sanchez (Maalaala Mo Kaya: “Aswang” episode, ABS-CBN)
Best New Female TV Personality : Divine Lee (Extreme Makeover Home Edition Philippines, TV5)
Best New Male TV Personality: Arjo Atayde (Maalaala Mo Kaya: “Bangka” Episode, ABS-CBN)
Best Drama Anthology: Untold Stories Mula Sa Face To Face (TV 5)
Best Musical/Variety Show: ASAP 2012 (ABS-CBN)
Best Male TV Host: Billy Crawford (ASAP 2012, ABS-CBN)
Best Female TV Host: Toni Gonzaga (ASAP 2012 , ABS-CBN)
Best Public Service Program: Wish Ko Lang! (GMA)
Best Public Service Program Host: Atty. Persida Acosta (Public Atorni: Asunto O Areglo, TV5)
Best Reality/Game Show: It’s Showtime (ABS-CBN)
Best Reality/Game Show Host: Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, Vhong Navarro, Billy Crawford, Karylle, Kim Atienza, Jugs Jugueta, Teddy Corpuz, Ryan Bang, Jhong Hilario, Coleen Garcia, Joy Rendon (It’s Showtime, ABS-CBN)
Best Talent Search Program: Talentadong Pinoy (TV5)
Best Talent Search Program Host: Luis Manzano, Billy Crawford (Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3, ABS-CBN)
Best Youth Oriented Show: Luv U (ABS-CBN)
Best Educational/Children Show: Matanglawin (ABS-CBN)
Best Educational/Children Show Host: Kim Atienza (Matanglawin, ABS-CBN)
Best Celebrity/Showbiz Oriented Talk Show: The Buzz (ABS-CBN)
Best Male Celebrity/Showbiz Oriented Talk Show Host: Vice Ganda (Gandang Gabi Vice, ABS-CBN)
Best Female Celebrity/Showbiz Oriented Talk Show Host: Kris Aquino (Kris TV, ABS-CBN)
Best Magazine Show: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (GMA)
Best Magazine Show Host: Jessica Soho (Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, GMA)
Best Horror/Fantasy Program: Wansapanataym (ABS-CBN)
Best News Program: TV Patrol (ABS-CBN)
Best Male Newscaster: Ted Failon (TV Patrol, ABS-CBN)
Best Female Newscaster: Vicky Morales (Saksi, GMA)
Best Public Affairs Program: The Bottomline With Boy Abunda (ABS-CBN)
Best Public Affairs Program Host: Boy Abunda (The Bottomline With Boy Abunda, ABS-CBN)
Best Lifestyle/Travel Show: Landmarks (Net 25)
Best Lifestyle/Travel Show Host: Richard Gutierrez (Pinoy Adventure, GMA)
Best Documentary Program: I-Witness (GMA)
Best Documentary Program Host: Kara David, Howie Severino, Jay Taruc, Sandra Aguinaldo (I-Witness, GMA)
Best Documentary Special: Cheche Lazaro Presents Edsa At Pinoy (ABS-CBN)
Best Morning Show: Umagang Kay Ganda (ABS-CBN)
Best Morning Show Host: Alex Santos, Bernadette Sembrano, Anthony Taberna, Winnie Cordero, Andrei Felix, Venus Raj, Iya Villania, Bianca Gonzalez, Gerry Baja, Ariel Ureta, Mj Felipe, Edmund Rosales (Umagang Kay Ganda, ABS-CBN)
Ading Fernando Lifetime Achievement Award: Gloria Romero
Excellence In Broadcasting Award: Tina Monzon-Palma
Natatanging Alagad Ng Telebisyon: German Moreno
Posthumous Award: Dolphy
Celebrity Skin of the Night (Male/Female Sexy Stars of the Night): Ryan Bang & KC Concepcion
Male/Female Face of the Night: Bryan Termulo & Ai-Ai delas Alas
Male/Female Star of the Night: Aga Muhlach & Ruffa Gutierrez

Watch the full awarding ceremonies of PMPC Star Awards for Television on November 25, 2012 to be telecasted on ABS-CBN Channel 2!

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Summary of the Leg Race Rankings for The Amazing Race Philippines



Since my 3rd week of The Amazing Race Philippines Season 1 blog encore updates were successful, this blog post will be the Leg's Race Rankings from the 1st to the 5th Leg (6th Leg is not yet done!)

1st Leg: (Manila Leg - Elimination Leg)
1st: Marc and Kat
2nd: Boom and Cheng

3rd: Dani and Mish
4th: Saida and Jervi
5th: Sheena and Gee
6th: Anton and Armand
7th: LJ and CJ
8th: Ed and Angel
9th: Fausto and Dayal
10th: Pamela and Vanessa
Eliminated: Crystel and Mykey

2nd Leg: (Manila to Ilocos Norte Leg - Elimination Leg)
1st: Marc and Kat
2nd: LJ and CJ
3rd: Saida and Jervi
4th: Ed and Angel
5th: Boom and Cheng
6th: Sheena and Gee
7th: Dani and Mish
8th: Fausto and Dayal
9th: Pamela and Vanessa
Eliminated: Anton and Armand (Because of telephone conversation)

3rd Leg: (Ilocos Sur to Mountain Province - Non-elimination Leg)
1st: Marc and Kat
2nd: LJ and CJ
3rd: Boom and Cheng
4th: Saida and Jervi
5th: Sheena and Gee
6th: Dani and Mish
7th: Ed and Angel
8th: Fausto and Dayal
9th: Pamela and Vanessa

4th Leg: (Mountain Province to Baguio - Elimination Leg)
1st: Marc and Kat
2nd: Saida and Jerv
3rd: Boom and Cheng
4th: LJ and CJ

5th: Dani and Mish

6th: Sheena and Gee
7th: Fausto and Dayal
8th: Ed and Angel
Eliminated: Pamela and Vanessa

1st Super Leg (5th to 6th Leg)
5th Leg: (Baguio to Subic - Non-elimination Leg)

1st: Boom and Cheng

2nd: Fausto and Dayal

3rd: Ed and Angel
4th: Marc and Kat
5th: Saida and Jervi
6th: LJ and CJ
7th: Sheena and Gee
8th: Dani and Mish

Tomorrow on Day 19: Who will be the 1st on the 6th Leg which is from Subic to Pampanga Leg? Be on the look-out as we continue with the Encore Updates of The Amazing Race Philippines Season 1.

The Amazing Race Philippines Season 1:
Monday to Friday: Right after WilTime BigTime
Saturday: Right after Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide
Sunday (Marathon of Week's Episodes): Right after Million Peso Money Drop

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