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The Amazing Race Philippines 2012: 1st Leg

After 5 days from the 1st airing last October 29, 2012, the competing teams was able to reach the 1st Pit Stop: University of Santo Tomas.

Here are the routes of the 1st Leg:
1st Leg Routes:
1st Route: Manila Yacht Club (Decoding of Nautical Phrase Task - Route Info) (October 29-30)
2nd Route: Midas Hotel and Casino (Baccarat Game Task - Route Info) (October 29-30)
3rd Route: Cuneta Astrodome (Road Block Task - Basketball Free Throw Shoot) (October
4th Route: Plaza Miranda, Quiapo (B-I-N-G-O Singing with 12 people - Route Info)
5th Route: Star City (Detour Task - Photo-click or Shoot)
6th Route: UST (Route Info - 1st Pit Stop)

And after 5 days of airing it, here's the TARP's 1st Leg Ranking: (1st Pitstop was UST)
Marc and Kat - 1st Place (Prize: 200KPhp from American Tourister)
Boom and Cheng - 2nd Place
Dani and Mish - 3rd Place
Saida and Jervi - 4th Place
Sheena and Gee - 5th Place
Anton and Armand - 6th Place
LJ and CJ - 7th Place
Ed and Angel - 8th Place
Fausto and Dayal - 9th Place
Pamela and Vanessa - 10th Place

The last team was Crystel and Mykey and eliminated from the race. 1st Leg Complete!
Stay tuned tomorrow for the Day 6 Cap of The Amazing Race Philippines at 8:30pm on TV5. 

The Miss Earth 2012 Pageant: Versailes Palace in Alabang, Muntinlupa is the place to be.

With only 22 days left from now, the Miss Earth 2012 Competition is to be held again here in Manila, this time in Alabang, Muntinlupa and it will be situated at Versailles Place.

With 89 (as of November 2, 2012) out of 97 candidates, the 2012 edition of the Miss Earth is said to be the largest delegation among the other editions.

With this year's theme: International Sustainable Energy for all which is the declaration of the United Nation's General Assembly, Miss Earth pageant will sustain energy for all in order to provide access to modern energy services.

Here are the participating countries with their delegates for this year's ball of Miss Earth Competition to vie for this 12th edition of the said pageant:

Albania: Ms. Dardana Niklekaj
Argentina: Ms. Tatiana Bischof
Australia: Ms. Jenna Seymour
Austria: Ms. Sandra Seidi
Bahamas: Ms. Brooke Sherman
Belgium: Ms. Madina Hamidi
Belize: Ms. Jessel Lauriano
Bolivia: Ms. Dayana Dorado
Boznia and Herzegovina: Ms. Zerina Sirbegovic

Botswana: Ms. Lorraine Ditsebe

Brazil: Ms. Camila Brant
Canada: Ms. Valerie Remillard
China: no representative yet
Chinese Taipei: Ms. Jen-Ling Lu
Colombia: Ms. Cindy Kohn-Cybulkiewicz
Cook Islands: Ms. Teuira Napa
Costa Rica: Ms. Fabiana Granados
Crimea: Ms. Liudmyla Kuzmina
Czech Republic: Ms. Tereza Fajksova
Denmark: Ms. Belinda Jensen
Dominican Republic: Ms. Rocio Castellanos
Ecuador: Ms. Estefenia Realpe
El Salvador: Ms. Yaritza Rivera
England: Ms. Zahida Begum
Fiji: Ms. Esther Foss
Finland: Ms. Kristiina Airi

France: no representative yet
Gabon: Ms. Aimee Pascaline Mougoula
Germany: Ms. Nel-Linda Zublewitz
Ghana: Ms. Jennifer Yaa Kyekye
Guadeloupe: Ms. Sherina Vanderkoeelen
Guam: Ms. Sarah Filush
Guatemala: Ms. Stefany Miranda
Haiti: Ms. Chersonse Archage
Honduras: Ms. Odily Alvarenga
Hong Kong: no representative yet
India: Ms. Prachi Mishra
Indonesia: Ms. Chelsy Liven
Ireland: Ms. Cara Lyons
Italy: Ms. Giulia Capuani
Japan: Ms. Megumi Noda
Kazakhstan: Ms. Svellana Raschshupkina
Kenya: Ms. Fiona Konchellah

Korea: Ms. Sarah Kim
Kosovo: Ms. Aishe Babatinca
Latvia: no representative yet
Lebanon: Ms. Eliane Khawand
Luxembourg: no representative yet
Macau: no representative yet
Malaysia: Ms. Deviyah Daranee
Malta: Ms. Yasmin Falzon
Mexico: Ms. Lourdes Paola Aguilar
Moldova: Ms. Altona Chitoroaga
Mongolia: Ms. Battsetseg Turbat
Nepal: Ms. Nagma Shretsha
Netherlands: Ms. Shauny Bult
New Zealand: Ms. Gloria Ofa Blake
Nicaragua: Ms. Braxis Alvarez
Nigeria: Ms. Happiness Onu Ibagbi
Northern Ireland: Ms. Ciara Walker
Norway: Ms. Nina Fjalestad
Pakistan: Ms. Zanib Naveed
Panama: Ms. Ana Lorena Ibanez

Paraguay: Ms. Alexandra Fretes
Peru: Ms. Miluska Huaroto Maradiegue
Philippines: Ms. Stephany Stefanowitz
Poland: Ms. Justyna Rajczyk
Puerto Rico: Ms. Darli Pacheco
Reunion Island: Ms. Aisha Valy
Romania: Ms. Iulia Monica Dumitrescu
Russia: Ms. Natalia Pereverzeva
Scotland: Ms. Sara Pender
Serbia: no representative yet
Sierra Leone: Ms. Adlatu Bangura
Singapore: Ms. Phoebe Tan
Slovak Republic: Ms. Martina Gresova
Slovenia: Ms. Anjeza Barbatovci
South Africa: Ms. Tamerin Jardine
South Sudan: Ms. Rachel Angeth
Spain: no representative yet
Sri Lanka: Ms. Chathurika Ariyawansha
Sweden: Ms. Camilla Hansson
Switzerland: Ms. Lea Sara Wittwer
Tanzania: Ms. Bahati Chando
Thailand: Ms. Waratthaya Wongchayaporn
Trinidad and Tobago: Ms. Amryl Nurse
Turkey: Ms. Ilknur Melis Durasi
Turks and Calcos: Ms. Carlisa Williams
Ukraine: Ms. Ievgeniia Prokopenko
Uruguay: Ms. Cynthia Kutscher
USA: Ms. Siria Bojorquez
US Virgin Islands: Ms. Carolyn Whitney Carter
Venezuela: Ms. Osmariel Villalobos
Vietnam: Ms. Do Hoang Anh
Wales: Zoe Kinsella
Zambia: Atieno Winnie-Fredah Kabwe
Zimbabwe: Ms. Dimitra Markou

3 debuted countries and 19 returning countries plus 72 countries who are regularly joining the competition will vie for the crown for Miss Earth. The big question is: Who will be crowned as the Miss Earth?

Catch the telecast of Miss Earth 2012 in the following countries and stations: (Note: Schedules are depending on your country unless stated otherwise.)
For Indonesia: TV One
For Malaysia: Star World (Live Telecast on Nov. 24, 2012 at 8pm)
For Philippines: ABS-CBN Channel 2, Studio 23 and The Filipino Channel (Delayed Telecast at 10am on November 25, 2012)
For Thailand: BBTV Channel 7
For Vietnam: VTV

Miss Earth 2012: International Year Sustainable Energy for All
November 24, 2012 Live on Star World at 8pm
November 25, 2012 Telecast on ABS-CBN at 10:15am

G6PD: Overview

Low on blood? Suffering from illnesses? Having an acute renal failure? Maybe you are deficient on G6PD. In this blog, you'll know on what is G6PD and what will be the cause if you are deficient on this phosphate.

G6PD is known as Glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase. Wikipedia defines this as a cytosolic enzyme in the pentose phosphate pathway, a metabolic pathway that supplies reducing energy to cells. They are maintained by a level of co-enzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate or coE-NADPH.

They are stimulated by the so-called Glucose-6 Phosphate. They are formulated by the so called 6-phosphoglucono-δ-lactone or 6-phosphoglucono-delta-lactone which is the rate limiting enzyme of the pentose phosphate pathway.

Also, G6PD is important is metabolizing red cells.

Now, what will happen if you are deficient on this said phosphate dehydrogenase?

One of the factors of being a G6PD deficient is that you can have a sickness of favism where it is characterized by a hemolytic reaction to consumption of broad beans.

Watch out for my next blog!

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TV Patrol: 25 Years of Patrolling Filipinos: A TV Review

 TV Patrol Logo (credits from Wikipedia)

March 25, 1987 magmula nang magsimula ang longest running newscast sa himpilang ABS-CBN Channel 2 ang TV Patrol.

Mula noon hanggang nagayon, ang TV Patrol pa rin ang mas pinagkakatiwalaan ng mas maraming Pilipino.

Kaya sa mga Kapamilyang makakabasa nito, alam kong kabisado nyo na ang tagline na: "Samahang walang iwanan sa loob ng dalawampu't limang taon." Dahil dyan, mas pinagkakatiwalaan ang samahan sa pagbabalita tuwing gabi ang TV Patrol.

Mula ng ako'y isilang (apat na taon pa lang ang TV Patrol) ay madalas na nakikinig ako sa mga balitang kailangan malaman at dapat tutukan. Hanggang ngayon, mas pinagkakatiwalaan ko ang pinakamalakasa at pinakamatagal na newscast sa buong Pilipinas. Nang ako'y ikaapat na taong gulang (8 taon na ang TV Patrol), alam na alam ko ang mga katagang: "Magandang Gabi Pilipinas, kami ang mga Patrol ng Pilipino, naglilingkod sa inyo saan man sa mundo," at magpasahanggang ngayon, ay napapakinggan ko pa rin ang mga katagang iyan.

Mula sa pagsilang ko (4 years na ang TV Patrol) hanggang ngayon na ang TV Patrol ay nasa Silver Anniversary, di ko maalis sa tenga ko ang mas mapagkakatiwalaang longest running newscast sa telebisyon: Teeveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Patrol!

Nagbabaga ang mga balita at nagpapatrol para sa Pilipino kaya ang ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs ay higit sa pag-asa at pagbangon ng Bayan!

Kaya, saludo ako sa mga anchors ng TV Patrol.
1991-1992: Noli "Kabayan" de Castro, Mel Tiangco, Robert Arevalo and Frankie Evangelista
1992-1996: Noli "Kabayan" de Castro, Ted Failon and Korina Sanchez
1996-2000: Noli "Kabayan" de Castro
March 12, 2001-November 18, 2004: Korina Sanchez, Henry Omaga-Diaz and Aljo Bendijo
Nov. 22, 2004- June 30, 2010 (TV Patrol World): Ted Failon, Karen Davila and Julius Babao
June 30, 2010-November 2010 (TV Patrol):  Ted Failon, Karen Davila and Julius Babao
November 3, 2010-present (along with TV Patrol 25): Ted Failon, Korina Sanchez and Noli "Kabayan" de Castro.

TV Patrol: The Longest Flagship Running Newscast for 25 Years from March 25, 1987-present

Review Rate: 10/10 or 100%

1st Post on this Blog: Getting to Know the Blogger and the Blog's Name

Loving Me. Loving You: JM's Blog that you're going to love. 

What's behind this blog and why is it launched?

Well, in celebration of the 25 posts on John Michael Angelo: Science Etc., this blog was created to make a dose of daily updates and some definite reviews on CD albums, fastfood chains (whether old or new) and so much more.

Being a Blogger has never been this easy.
True! With my blog that is open for public, I have to make sure that every blog post I'm into posting it and sharing it with other people in social media, I really have to make sure that comments are welcome at each blog post.

Who's the owner of this blog?

Let me introduce myself!
Although some of me knows me already, you never know why I'm into blogging.

I am John Michael P. Angelo, officially a graduate of Our Lady of Fatima University-QC Campus, a student who's into educating other people very soon, turning in to be an official online blogger. This is my 2nd Blog Site which is only an extension to my 1st Blog Site which is John Michael Angelo: Science Etc.

The said blog on the preceding paragraph consists of the 1st dose of updates about me and some facts and trivial trivias on Science, as well as some album reviews and random posts from Facebook and random tweets from my official 3 Twitter accounts. Subscribe, follow and tweet with me.

This is an extension and this is the start of my 2nd Blog. But the 1st Blog won't stop posting. Whenever there is a special blog post that I'd like to share, it will be found on my 1st Official Blog. Daily dose of Random Tweets from Twitter and Random Posts from Facebook will be posted here on my 2nd Official Blog Site.

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