Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Amazing Race Philippines Season 1: Final Leg, Final Part, Final Episode: Who will win 2 Million Pesos Cash? PLUS BONUS: REUNION EPISODE

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

Yesterday in The Amazing Race Philippines: The Final Leg has just started.
Tonight: Who will be the Season 1's Team Winner?


DAY 47 and 48

Nag-abutan na ang magbayaw at gym buddies pero nauna ang magbayaw. Let's see who will get in to the last pit stop first. LJ and CJ's still on the 2nd Road Block Task.

Jammed off si CJ sa motocross! Penalty or continue the task?
--------------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL GAP---------------------------------------------
The Celebrity Bestfriend team member CJ will try again the Road Block Task one more time.

Marc and Kat are still on the Davao Croc Park Task.

LJ to CJ: Keep your pace!

Teams must go to Ana Marina and go to the marked Jetski to get the next clue.

Once in the Jetski, be useful to count 97 circles and pull out one shovel.

On one shovel, it read, go to Buenavista Island and get your next clue.
--------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL GAP---------------------------------------------------
Marc and Kat finished on the Road Block task.

Fausto and Dayal on jetski!

Marc and Kat trying to catch up.

After 13 Legs, the Buenavista Samal Island Bountiful Cove will be the last pit stop of The Amazing Race Philippines Season 1. The 1st Team to arrive at this pit stop will win 2 Million Pesos Cash Prize from Brother Philippines!

Buenavista Samal - Final Pit Stop
1st Place: LJ and CJ (2 Million Pesos Cash Prize Team Winners)
2nd Place: Fausto and Dayal
3rd Place: Marc and Kat

CELEBRITY BESTFRIENDS are your 1st ever Season Winners of The Amazing Race Philippines! Congratulations also to the Runners-up: MAGBAYAW and GYM BUDDIES!
--------------------------------------REUNION SPECIAL EPISODE--------------------------------------------
LJ and CJ was the 1st ever winners of the Season 1 of The Amazing Race Philippines.
Biggest Competitor: Marc and Kat
LJ was a big fan of The Amazing Race.
2 Million Cash Prize of Celebrity Bestfriends will be used for renovation of kitchen and tuition fee for kids.
-------------------------------------COMMERCIAL GAP----------------------------------------------------------
The other 10 teams shared their unforgettable moments in the whole leg of the Amazing Race Phils. Season 1:
Crystel and Mykey - Star City
Ed and Angel - Baguio Episode
Saida and Jervi - Manok Episode
Anton and Armand - Intersection Task (Banga Task)
Pamela and Vanessa - Nautical Code Task
Dani and Mish - Longganisa Task (I DON'T EAT MEAT!)
Fausto and Dayal - Their 1st ever time to be 1st in the pit stop and the Bigas Task
Boom and Cheng - Bontoc Task (Nagpapagwapo) and Palayok Task
Sheena and Gee - All Legs especially the Balsa Task
Marc and Kat - Balsa Task (Screaming and shouting si Kat: Tama na! &@!0&*!# Tig-iisang tali nga lang!)
------------------------------------COMMERCIAL GAP-----------------------------------------------------------
Biggest Meltdowns by Derek Ramsey rolls in the camera!


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