Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Amazing Race Philippines: Day 44 Encore Updates! 12th Leg Continues: Puerto Princesa Tour Challenge continues!



Last Saturday: The Puerto Princesa Adventure conquers all as 4 teams takes in the plunge to Puerto Princesa!
Tonight: Puerto Princesa, Palawan adventure continues with the Detour Task!

Part 1:
Ang kisig ni Marc sa pagdadala samantalang hinhin si Kat! What a Detour task! Other 2 teams (LJ and CJ plus Sheena and Gee gets on the Fish Counting) while Fausto and Dayal plus Marc and Kat gets on the other Detour task which is Karga.

Concentrate ang sabi ni Kat!

Whew! Concentrative talaga si Kat sa Detour Task!

With Marc and Kat leading the race, they will go to the Lourdes Wharf wherein one of the team members must find for a yellow paper which says "Tama! Hindi ka Castaway!" with the next clue directions! It's a Message in A Bottle Road Block Task with the clue: "Mabote ka ba naman?"!

Part 2:
Detour Task still continues for 3 more teams!

Part 3:
All teams are now in the Roadblock Task! Still Marc and Kat is the 1st team and they will travel by marked boat to Pandan Island to get the next clue!

Tomorrow: More intense challenges with Puerto Princesa Challenge Tour on The Amazing Race Philippines!

Announcement from the end of the program:
11 Teams will be having its reunion together with you, fans of The Amazing Race Philippines as you will get together on The Amazing Race Philippines Season 1: Grand Fans Day this coming December 13, 2012 (Thursday) at Studio B of TV 5 Novaliches! Get to know more about the teams: Team Anton and Armand (Football Brothers), Team Crystel and Mykey (Dating Couples), Team Boom and Cheng (Magkumpare), Team Fausto and Dayal (Magbayaw), Team Dani and Mish (Bombshells), Team Ed and Angel (Mag-ama), Team Saida and Jervi (Amigas), Team LJ and CJ (Celebrity Bestfriends), Team Marc and Kat (Gym Buddies), Team Pamela and Vanessa (Alabang Housewives), Team Sheena and Gee (Reunited Friends) and get to know also the host of The Amazing Race Philippines, his handsome himself, Derek Ramsay.

So, reserve your voices now at sugod na sa TV5 Studio B and be ready to shout with your favorite teams.

Day 45 na tomorrow at malamang magkakaroon na ng Pit Stop! If ever the Day 45 will have its 12th Pit Stop, Day 46 will be the start of the 13th and Final Leg!

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

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