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MyKelvin Owner's Top 5 Memorable Events in the Year 2012

With few days to go before the New Year hits, I'll be giving you my top 5 most memorable events that happened to me in the year 2012 (Note: This is not the Top 5 Most Viewed Blogs. This is my MyKelvin's 5 Most Unforgettable Experiences: The MyKelvin Year-ender Countdown.)

So, with this blog you'll be recently discovering the Top 5 most memorable events in my life (whether it has been blogged or not.)

Without much further adieu, let's begin the countdown:

5.) THE STEPPING STONE IN Lector and Commentator
The reason behind the Top 5 Memorable Event in my life was that I changed an intensity level in being a lector and commentator.

Now, here's the story of how did I leveled up myself and why was this my 5th among the Top 5 most memorable events of 2012. This was not blogged although, so you better check this out:

Last December 2, 2012, I was thinking that all of the momentous love in the year was this December. You know why? Because I maintained a level of honesty, integrity and made myself humble. With love and courage, from the frivolous Children's Mass last December 2, 2012 (which was my last mass), I was leveled up to a more maturity level wherein I am ready to face the world of faith, trust, hope, integrity, justice, love, peace and equality plus a boost of confidence. And all of a sudden, instead of being a commentator, I was made as a lector as provided in the list of mass readers and I was in the 1st reading.

So, with all of a sudden, all people were shocked and astonished with my reading and they were listening attentively although I have a soft voice that time. It was loud because of the booming microphone I had. And so, with the help of the Parish Youth Ministry group of Lectors and Commentators as well as the choir, I was welcomed with open arms.

And recently, 2 weeks after, I was not so surprised because I checked out it immediately during my 1st ever Youth Mass. So, I was prepared last December 16, 2012 and was astonished with a few people because it was my 1st time to be a commentator in a mass for the Youth.

And last Monday at exactly noon or lunch time, I was included in the Youth LeCom (OLFPYM) group on Facebook. And I said to the whole youth LeCom which goes something like this:

Salamat sa lahat ng nagwelcome sa kin sa PYM lalo na sa favorite kong si Michelle Dano. Sobrang happy ako lalo na kay Mitch dahil naging maganda ang pasok ng Pasko ko.
And with that memorable welcome, Mitch Dano was the 1st one to welcome me because she was mentioned. Even Amiel Tristan Castro liked my post.

I am a Youth, no longer a child. So, with 9 years of remarkable stay in the Children's Mass, I had a wonderful experience with the children of Villa Magdalena 2. And December 2, 2012 was the official start of my stay in the Youth Mass Celebration.

I just want to thank and mention all of the youth who were part in welcoming me in the group:
John Mamuyac who was the owner of the PYM LeCom Group
Germaine del Moro who gave me a boost of confidence to pass in the LET Board Exam

I do much believe that this other persons also takes part in welcoming me in the group:
Marjorie Magbitang and Badet Nagallo who happens to be my schoolmates in my university alumni, Our Lady of Fatima University (They're both studying Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Badet is now a trainee of Imperial Palace Suites.)

Eleanor Encarnacion de Leon: I'm sorry, Lea but I have to mention that you were the small but terrible girl that I have seen in a group.

Rachel Rodriguez who happens to be the prettiest (if not, one of the prettiest) Youth Lector and Commentator that I have ever imagined.

And hopefully, soon someday: Andrea Geronimo

With hopes and graces in God's mercy, I hope that I will stay longer like my 9 years stay in the Children's Lector and Commentator's Guild Block.

TOP 5 has been revealed! Watch out for my Top 4 Most Memorable Event in my next blog post.

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

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