Thursday, December 20, 2012

Miss World 2013: Candidates List Rolled Out!

With the 1st debut of Miss World Philippines Franchise last January 25, 2011, the Miss World will set its 2013 edition on Sept. 24, 2013 at Jakarta, Indonesia. So far, here are the expected candidates for the Miss W 2013 as it will hold its 63rd release. (Again, credits to Wikipedia which is my sole source for all the pageants that will be held.)

As of December 20, 2012: 25 Expected Candidates
Miss Albania - Ersela Kurti
Miss Angola - Maria Castelo
Miss Aruba - Larisa Leeuwe
Miss Bahamas - De' Andra Bannister
Miss Bonaire - Saphira Elouise Janga
Miss Colombia - Daniela Occoro
Miss France - Marine Lorphelin
Miss Georgia - Lika Metreveli
Miss Ghana - Naa Okailey Shooter

Miss Greece - Athina Pikraki
Miss Kazakhstan - Zhazira Nurimbetova
Miss Latvia - Eva Dombrovska
Miss Lebanon - Romy Chibany
Miss Mauritius - Nathalie Lesage
Miss Mexico - Marilyn Chagoya
Miss Namibia - Tsakana Nkandi
Miss Netherlands - Jacqueline Steenbeek
Miss Poland - Kataryna Krzeszowska
Miss Portugal - Elisabete Rodrigues
Miss Serbia - Aleksandra Doknic
Miss South Africa - Marilyn Ramos
Miss St. Lucia - Oneka Mckoy
Miss Suriname - Rachel dela Fuente
Miss Tanzania - Bridgit Alfred

Upcoming Miss World Pageants:
Miss World Gabon 2013 - December 22, 2012
Miss World Uruguay 2013 - January 27, 2013
Miss World Indonesia 2013 - February 2013
Miss World Czech Republic 2013 - March 23, 2013
Miss World Botswana 2013 - March 2013
Miss World Brazil 2013 - April 6, 2013
Miss World Fiji 2013 - April 20, 2013

Early Pre-pageant Analysis for all the candidates will start as soon as possible.

Miss World 2013 Pageant will set on the 24th of September 2013 in Indonesia.

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

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