Thursday, December 20, 2012

Miss Universe 2012 Live Blog Telecast: Live from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA!

Miss Universe 2012 is on!

Part 1: INTRODUCTION OF MISS UNIVERSE 2012 CANDIDATES (Music: "Live While We Are Young" by One Direction)
Miss Philippines 2012 is Janine Tugonon

Hosts are: Andy Cohen and Giuliana Rancic with Jeannie Mai
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Part 2: Top 16 of Miss U 2012 to advance to Swimsuit Competition (Sponsored by: Lady's Choice)
Top 15 from the Preliminary Competition + 1 from the Online Voting
1.) Venezuela
2.) Turkey
3.) France
4.) Peru
5.) Russia
6.) Mexico
7.) Poland
8.) Hungary
9.) South Africa
11.) Croatia
12.) Brazil
13.) Kosovo
14.) Australia
15.) India
16.) United States of America
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Part 3: Introduction of Judges and Reigning Miss U
Panel of Judges:
Diego Boneta
Kerri Walsh
Scott Disick
Nigel Barker
Brad Goreski
Claudia Jordan
Pablo Sandoval
Lisa Vanderpump w/ Giggy
Chef Masaharu Marimoto
Chairman: Ximena Navarette

Reigning Miss U introducing the National Costume Competition: Leila Lopez of Angola
UP NEXT: Swimsuit Competition
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Part 4: Swimsuit Competition (Sponsored by Australian Gold) with Tweets from the #missuniverse hashtag followers (Music: Levels by Avicii)
UP NEXT: Top 16 is cut to down 10!
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Part 5: Top 10 Announcement:
Miss U 2012 Photogenic: KOSOVO
Top 10 of Miss U 2012: (Sponsored by: Planet Hollywood)
1.) Australia
2.) Russia
3.) Brazil
4.) France
5.) Venezuela
6.) USA
7.) Hungary
8.) South Africa
9.) Mexico

Get to know the Top 10 of Miss U 2012!
UP NEXT: Evening Gown Competition
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Part 6: Sensual Evening Gown Competition from the Top 10 of Miss U 2012 (Music Live Performance from Train: Drive By and Shake Up Christmas)
Miss U 2012 Congeniality: GUATEMALA
UP NEXT: Who would make it to the Final Cut? Top 10 will be down to half.
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Part 7:  Top 5 Announcement
Top 5 of Miss U 2012 to do the Q and A Portion
1.) Venezuela
3.) Australia
4.) United States of America
5.) Brazil
UP NEXT: Q and A Portion
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Part 8: Q and A Portion
Venezuela's Question: If you could make a new law, what would it be and explain.
Philippines' Question: As an international ambassador, should English be a pre-requisite? Why or why not?
Australia's Question: How would you tell if you would you lose your weight if you're overweight?
United States of America's Question: What is something that you've done will not be done in your life?
Brazil's Question: What would you say to the people wearing swimsuits in public as sexual objects?
UP NEXT: Minor Awards and Major Crowning
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Part 9: Top 5 Final Look (Music Live Performance: Set It Off by Timomatic)
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Part 10: Crowning Moments from Miss U 2012 (The new Miss U will be crowned by Leila Lopes, the Miss U 2011)
Miss U 2012 Best in National Costume: CHINA
Final Results:
4th Runner-up: BRAZIL - Gabriela Markus
3rd Runner-up: AUSTRALIA - Renae Ayris
2nd Runner-up: VENEZUELA - Irene Esser
1st Runner-up: PHILIPPINES - Janine Tugonon
Miss Universe 2012: USA - Olivia Culpo

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

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