Friday, December 21, 2012

Miss U 2013: Introduction to Expected Candidates (Miss Angola)

Miss Universe 2013: Introduction to Expected Candidates - Candidate from Angola

With body-built in her aura. the Miss Angola is ready for Miss Universe 2013. Let's meet the 16th expected candidate.

The Candidate:
Name: Marceline Vahekeni
Place: Cunene, Angola

Regarding her winnings, Marcelina released this thank you message: "I am proud and happy to be the first competitor from the Cunene to win the title of Miss Angola. I thank God for giving me this gift, I think this achievement is the fruit of humility, dedication and punctuality, which are my main qualities. My goal now is to work to get the best possible rating in the Miss Universe."

Poll is now open for all blog readers. Poll can be found at the right side of your screen. Choose now your favorites. Voting will end 5 days before the Miss Universe 2013 starts. The poll results will not affect the 2013's Miss Universe pageant.

More candidates for Miss Universe will come your way so better stick around.

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

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