Thursday, December 20, 2012

Miss U 2013: Introduction to Expected Candidates (Miss Serbia)

Miss Universe 2013: Introduction to Expected Candidates - Candidate from Serbia

The next expected candidate that I am going to introduce is also one of my top early favorites for Miss U 2013 and she is from Serbia. Very astonishing with her look as you can see in the image.

The Candidate
Name: Ana Vrcelj
Born: Year 1992
Place: Zemun Polje, Serbia
Height: 5ft 11in

She graduated at the Faculty of Forestry and she has spoken English. She's the 1st candidate that I am seeing to reveal her hobbies and they are: riding bike and roller-skating. She also loves skiing. She likes to finish college and succeed in what she started.


Why she was picked to be the representative of Serbia to Miss U 2013? Nikoline Bojic was replaced by the 1st runner-up of Miss Serbia, Alexandra Doknic because the supposed reigning Miss Serbia was married to a Canadian tennis player named Frank Dancevic. But unfortunately, the said 1st runner-up was moved as a representative to the Miss W 2013. That's why, the 2nd runner-up ana Vrcelj was picked to be the representative of the country Serbia to Miss U 2013.

Watch out for a poll for Miss U 2013 here in my blog which will come out very soon.

13 candidates have already introduced! Get ready for the next candidate to be introduced!

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

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