Thursday, December 20, 2012

Miss U 2013: Introduction to Expected Candidates (Miss Mauritius)

Miss Universe 2013: Introduction to Expected Candidates - Candidate from Mauritius

Next candidate is a stunning beauty from Mauritius. The name of Miss Mauritius is about to be revealed.

The Candidate:
Name: Diya Beeltah
Born: August 8, 1989
Place: Quatre Bornes, Mauritius
Height: 5ft 8in

On an early life, Miss Mauritius Diya Beeltah is a primary educator which she is attended at the Baichoo Madhoo Government School. Her secondary studies was at the College Bon et Perpetuel Secours of Beau-Bassin. She finished Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Human Resource Management at University of Mauritius last year. Now, she is currently assigned at her finished Baccalaureate degree.

She has contributed to a NGO which has a fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS and with that, she was chosen to do a contribution to road safety in their country as a national voice and this was given by the Mauritius Police Dept., Ministry of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping National Development Unit.

She has now been crowned and the reigning Miss Mauritius 2012 and she will be competing for the crown next year in the Miss U 2013. She was also awarded the Best Dress Award and came up with a runner-up finish for the Miss Siren/Beach Beauty Award.

Watch out for a poll for Miss U 2013 here on my blog which will come out very soon.

Next Candidate will be from Mexico. Get to know her in the next blog post.

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

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