Friday, December 21, 2012

Miss U 2013: Introduction to Expected Candidates (Miss Gabon)

Miss Universe 2013: Introduction to Expected Candidates - Candidate from Gabon

Miss Gabon is the 17th candidate to be introduced among the expected candidates for the Miss Universe 2013.

The Candidate:
Name: Ada Meyo
Age: 21 years old
Place: Ngouinie, Gabon

Raised by a blind mother, Ms. Meyo is an air hostess. She is also helping the visually-impaired persons.

Poll is now open for all blog readers. As I introduced very early the candidates of the Miss U 2013, I am inviting you to choose now your early favorites. The voting will end 5 days before the Miss Universe 2013 will start.

17 candidates have been introduced already. Watch out in the year 2013 for the next batch of the Miss U 2013 expected candidates.

Next Miss U Pageant Country Schedule: Belgium on January 6, 2013

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

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