Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Love Zendee: The SM Fairview Mall Tour Experience

The Madagascar Christmas Adventure isn't over yet! Zendee Rose Tenerefe or Zendee for short had a mall tour earlier this afternoon. Here's what happened:

I was so rushing early at 4pm to catch out for the mall tour which happened at 5pm. It so happened that when I arrived at SM City Fairview, she was singing already a song from Adele titled "Rolling in the Deep". So, I was happy that she was very charming and beautiful in person.
Let me just give you the background of who Zendee Rose Tenerefe is (for those who did not know her yet.) Zendee is a 22-year old girl who was made famous because of the singing which just so happened in a supermarket because she cannot leave the red backpack within her shoulders, became a YouTube Sensation which her videos got up to 2.2 million views according to her, and seen worldwide during the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Now, thousands of fans compressed in a mall show which happened in the Annex Atrium where the Madagascar Christmas Adventure Display is still displayed. When Zendee Rose Tenerefe entered and sung I Will Always Love You, crowd goes wild. The estimated crowd is at about 300+ (to my count). My Gosh! We were clapping all around. And then, when she said hello to those who were present, the emcee started to ask her questions of why she was a YouTube sensation plus her experience in Ellen DeGeneres Show but when Zendeenatics was called and was screaming and yelling out loud, I was astonished when I was called by Zendee. "My Me! Why I was called?" uttered to myself. I remembered when I uttered those words to myself that I have posted something in her fan page which is regarding the other mall shows she has and she made a glance on me at once and all people were astonished looking at me. And when she was calling for people who will sing, she made a 2nd glance and she remembered me on the blog post that I have made a week before this mall tour. And it so happened, that I had a duet with her and that was my 1st time experience to sing in a mall and with an artist. (I just love singing.) When Zendee picked me up from the audience block, people were clapping for me. And I said to myself "OMG! This is the 1st time experience that I am going to sing with a YouTube sensation, singer and a Kapuso artist." When we started singing, I just felt comfortable and then when the 2nd verse came in, Zendee was shocked because of my "birit" part. It was a definite experience to sing and duet with a YouTube sensation like hers. After the singing, I was given a great big hug which was my 1st ever hug from a singer like her. Then, all other enjoyed when the others sing on the remarkable duet with Zendee. And then, when the autograph signing came in, the little boy in front of me was so excited to meet Zendee and let his poster signed. But when I came to the stage where the Madagascar Christmas Adventure is on display, Zendee was just shocked and signed my poster and it was written on the poster:
Thank you!
Keep on Singing!
Zendee ♥

And it just so happened, a magical hug at the end was the greatest hug I ever received.

Here are the photo highlights:

Zendee smiling for the camera

Zendee singing using a videoke karaoke microphone

Zendee singing Adele's song using Extreme Magic Sing

Zendee smiling for her Zendeenatics

Charisse: Zendeenatic singing Listen

Zendee with Charisse

Zendee hugging Charisse

Zendee is so happy in front of the camera when a Zendeenatic is singing with power

Fiercest Zendee

Me and Zendee during the Autograph Poster Signing
And this is my most memorable experience for the year 2012 which I do believe that the mall tour filmed earlier will be part of the "Follow That Star" program which will be aired on GMA News TV Channel 11 next Saturday, 29th of December 2012 at 8pm as they will feature YouTube Stars of 2012. So, better watch out on that date and time and channel, because I might be featured in that said show.

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

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