Saturday, December 1, 2012

10th Leg Starts: The Amazing Race Philippines Back-to-back Episodes


DAY 36 and 37


Yesterday: Boom and Cheng says goodbye to the remarkable leg from Cebu!
Part 1: Teams make their way to Boracay!
5 Teams Remaining and they will make it to the Boracay as they start the Leg 9 Race around the Philippines.

With the remarkable leg back-to-back this Saturday, the leg starts from Mactan International Airport going to the Top 1 Beach Destination, Boracay.

1st Task: Fly from Cebu to Boracay via an airport with Cebu to Caticlan flight.
All teams are now directing their flights. From Cebu-Manila-Caticlan are the 4 other teams while the other team Fausto and Dayal is a direct flight from Cebu to Caticlan so they were the 1st team to arrive.

All teams are now making its way at Boracay via boat for the start of the 9th leg in the race around the Philippines.

Teams must make their way to Willy's Beach Resort for the next clue.

All teams got the Fast Forward meaning that if they succeed in the tasks, they will race to the 9th Leg's Pit Stop and their task is to make one of them bald.

Part 2: Balding Task and Boracay Challenge continues!
Fausto and Dayal make the Fast Forward Challenge while Sheena and Gee tries to make this task else, otherwise, they'll get to the Detour task one more time!

In the Detour task: It's Lulubog o Lilitaw!
For the Lulubog Task: Teams must go to the Bulabog Beach Resort and untie the circular knots to get the best way to untie the path. Once they've done this, they'll get the next clue. The team that will get hard with the task will get a hard time.

For the Lilitaw Task: They must get to the boat and one must dive for the coconuts while the other must make their teammate do the pulling of the thread to get 3 coconuts in 3 buoys. Once they've done it, they'll receive the next clue. Once the teams made this task easy, they'll sweep the tasks to the Finish Line.

Fausto and Dayal made it to the Pit Stop immediately skipping all tasks that other teams will do and made a running 600K total from American Tourister which is a cash sponsor of the Amazing Race Philippines Leg Prizes.

Teams must go to the Sprite Beach Party and drink Sprite and find The Amazing Race Philippines Sprite cap to receive the next clue.

Roadblock Task: Team must go to the part of Boracay and one member of the team must dig for the next clue. The ones who will go slow with the task will get the task hard.

On Monday: They must make their talent to get the tasks. Oh no, why Kat cried? Find out on Monday in The Amazing Race Philippines.

Made by: John Michael Palmero Angelo

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