Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[UPDATE] 4th Leg Continues! The Amazing Race Philippines Day 14 Encore Run!



4th Route: Baguio Market (Yield and Task - Detour)
Sell 10 or Buy 10!
Sell 10: Sell the 10 brooms at 60php each. If they will sell 10 brooms, they'll receive the next clue. The team who will sell the brooms immediately will get the task easily.
Buy 10: Money will be given, then they'll need to buy at least 10 items seen in the photo album.
5th Route: BM Parungao Shoe Store
Collect at least 10 shoes and find the pair. If they'll find the pairs immediately, they'll receive the next clue.
LJ and CJ were yielded by Boom and Cheng! It was the 1st Yield in this 1st Season! They were given a 20 minute time penalty.
Meanwhile, in the Road Block Task: Angel was still struggling with the Gold Mine she handles. But, she finished the challenge when Pamela of Pam-Van Team was on the Road Block task.
Saida-Jervi, Fausto-Dayal and Marc-Kat arrived in the BM Parungao Shoe Store and finding for the 10 pair of shoes.
6th Route: Pit Stop: Our Lady of Lourdes-Grotto
The teams must give the correct number of steps or else they won't be checked in.

Marc and Kat arrived at the Pit Stop's place where in they make their step count so that they will be checked in. Other teams are still doing the Detour while the Pam-Van team are still in the Road Block Task.

Now, the Baguio Leg Tour continues!

In order to check in to the next Pit Stop, you shall need to count the right steps inside the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. Teams are having a hard time in the Detour task especially for the Father and Daughter.

Trivia: Lourdes Grotto has a total of 252 steps. But in this leg, it's 215 steps and that shall be the number of steps shall be on the written board. That's why: It's COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!

Leg Race Ranking:
Marc and Kat - 1st Place
Saida and Jervi - 2nd Place
Boom and Cheng - 3rd Place
LJ and CJ - 4th Place
Dani and Mish - 5th Place
Sheena and Gee - 6th Place
Fausto and Dayal - 7th Place
Ed and Angel - 8th Place
Last Team: Pamela and Vanessa

4th Leg Tour is a elimination leg that's why the Alabang housewives were eliminated from the competition.

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