Saturday, November 17, 2012

Recap on the 5th Leg and Start of the 6th Leg (1st Super Leg): The Amazing Race Philippines Day 18 Encore Updates



Yesterday: Treetop Adventure and Global Ship Construction Terminal continues but one will back out!

5th Route: El Kabayo Riding Stables
This is the 5th Pit Stop in the race around the Philippines. Last team to check-in maybe eliminated.

Dani and Mish are still on the Yield plus 20-minute penalty. They were the last team to arrive so far in the Treetop Adventure race. Meanwhile, Marc and Kat are depressed because of the easy challenge and the Express Pass was used just to make the next task to do.

Saida and Jervi meanwhile takes on the Route Task. Dani and Mish on their 8th attempt, but not still passing out.

Continuing The Amazing Race Philippines: 9th attempt, still not passing out for Dani and Mish.

Leg Race Ranking [5th Pit Stop - Super Leg]:
1st Place: Boom and Cheng
2nd Place: Daniel and Fausto
3rd Place: Ed and Angel
4th Place: Marc and Kat
5th Place: Saida and Jervi
6th Place: LJ and CJ
7th Place: Sheena and Gee
8th Place: Dani and Mish

It was not the end of the leg yet because the said pit stop is only the 1st stop and this leg is said to be a Super Leg so the race for the 5th Leg still continues.

Tonight: Day 18 Encore Updates of The Amazing Race continues as the 6th Leg (Pampanga Leg) continues. Tensions rising!

6th Leg Starts!
1st Route: Talimundok, Magalang, Angeles City, Pampanga (Roadblock and Voting for the 1st U-turn)
Roadblock Task: You need to shoot at least 5 points to get the next clue.
2nd Route: Tamaan O Iwasan

On Monday:
Siksikan sa isang kotse! Tamaan o Iwasan? Who will get on the 6th Pit Stop first and get the 200K Cash Prize from American Tourister? Will The Bombshells still recover from the race or this is over for them? Catch The Amazing Race Philippines Day 19 Encore Updates on Monday right after Wil Time Big Time!

Full 1 week success of blogging updates for The Amazing Race Philippines.

The Amazing Race Philippines Encore Updates will resume on Monday. No updates tomorrow, Sunday because of 1 full success week of watching and blogging on the updates of The Amazing Race Philippines.

For those who missed on the episodes: Catch tomorrow's marathon of The Amazing Race Philippines (Day 13-18 airing last November 12-17, 2012) after The Million Peso Money Drop only on TV5!

New Schedule for Saturday Airing which begun tonight: The Amazing Race Philippines Saturday Encore will be after Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide!

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