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Madagascar Christmas Adventure: Open to Public until January 6, 2013 (SM City Fairview has fun-filled activities instore for all this Yuletide Season)

On its 1st week display today, SM Fairview brings you the Madagascar Christmas Adventure 2012. Be amazed with the display as the Madagascar characters namely Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria with the Penguins and King Julian of Madagascar brings you joy this Yuletide season!

Christmas brings joy with this display and this was launched last November 10, 2012! Here are some of the pictures during the launching of the Madagascar Christmas Adventure display (Full pic highlights could be found at this link >>> Click Here)

Ms. Divine Lee, the host of the event welcomes everyone to the launching of the Madagascar Christmas Adventure 2012

Ms. Joy Belmonte, the vice-mayor of Quezon City glimpses a greeting of Christmas to all SM Shoppers and congratulates the organizers for a successful Christmas launch this year 2012

Ms. Annie Garcia, President of SM Supermalls encourages shoppers to support the Carebears of Joy to help the street children this Christmas season

One of the highlights of the video featuring the 4 main characters which you will find in the jungle-look Christmas Adventure display

The unveiling of the Madagascar Christmas Adventure to the public

The main characters of Madagascar in the version of Christmas Adventure of Madagascar Christmas.
If you will see the display at the Upper Ground Floor of the Annex Atrium (pic shown below), Christmas will be filled with smiles and remarkable happiness to others especially to the children who will be happy to see this.

So, with SM City Fairview:

It's true that Christmas isn't Christmas without things that make us merry because Christmas is a happy and jolly season for all.

This Christmas, come and celebrate at SM Fairview where there are so many choices to choose from. Let's break 'em down:

Christmas 2012 at SM City Fairview is the best place to shop and dine because:

With SM City Fairview, there are more places to shop and dine with. SM City Fairview is filled with more fast food chains (such as Jollibee and Greenwich), fine dining (such as Max's Restaurant), and fun-filled glazed doughnut stores (such as Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Mister Donuts.)
There are also shops to enjoy with such as SM Department Store, SM Supermarket and SM Hypermarket. 
Also, enjoy watching cinemas at the newly renovated SM Cinemas found at the 2nd Floor Main Building of SM City Fairview.

Another reason to celebrate Christmas 2012 at SM City Fairview is:

Because at SM City Fairview, there is a foundation named SM Cares Foundation that will care for all children of those who are in need this Yuletide season. Speaking of that, mentioning earlier about Carebears of Joy in a caption, SM City Fairview introduces this program called:

Now, here's how the Care Bears of Joy will go:

For every 100 pesos purchase of the Care Bears of Joy, you'll get 2 bears. The one will be for you and the other one will be for a child that you will help out.
And this is how the Care Bears of Joy looks like:

With the Care Bears of Joy, more children will be happy this yuletide season. This was available since Monday, November 12, 2012 and you can purchase this bears at the following locations: Annex Atrium (at the back of the SM Eco Bag Kiosk) and at the SM Food Court.

Another reason to celebrate Christmas at SM Fairview is that:

It's very true! It's a boring life this Christmas season without Christmas tunes played mallwide at SM City Fairview and very soon, some Chorales will share their piece of Christmas Music at the Event Center of the SM City Fairview which is located at the Annex Atrium.

And aside from that, SM City Fairview has fun loads of activities for all of us, shoppers:

This coming December, meet and greet Santa and be amazed with the dazzling fireworks display. Catch this 2 fun-filled events on the following dates:

For Meet and Greet with Santa: It will be held on December 2, 9, 16, 23 and 25, 2012.

For the Christmas Fireworks Display: It will be held on all Saturdays of December

Wait, there's more:

Catch the Symphony Orchestra as they will serenade you with Christmas songs on December 23, 2012.

Also, be amazed with the singing of Grand Chorale and Children's Choir Performances on December 21, 2012.

Be more accompanied and be dazzled the ballet dance as they perform on the 2nd Saturday of December, December 8, 2012.

All of the 3 events mentioned are found in this SM Supermalls Facebook Fan Page. For the dates of other malls, click on the link found in this paragraph for more details.

Of course, SM City Fairview won't be having a very merry Christmas without this:
Right! There won't be Christmas at SM City Fairview without Laughter with some amusement parks  to enjoy such as Tom's World, SM Bowling Center, SM Storyland and so much more. Also, there are toys in store for all children to buy and they will be found in The Amazing Toy Store: Toy Kingdom!

All of this are very present at SM City Fairview, that's why:
So, come and celebrate Christmas and be amazed with the fun-filled adventure of the Madagascar Christmas Adventure because this will be only a limited time display. This will only run until January 6, 2013!

So, be merry this Yuletide Season because at SM City Fairview and SM Supermalls: WE'VE GOT IT ALL FOR YOU!

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