Monday, November 26, 2012

8th Leg Continues: Day 24 of The Amazing Race Philippines

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Last Friday on Amazing Race Philippines: 8th Leg Starts!
*We were not able to make the Saturday's episode yesterday night that's why there's not tweet updates.*

Day 24 Encore Updates:
Detour continues now and it makes the Crabs more muddy and Coconut's more grating.

Saida was the only one who peed off in the Crab task. My Gawd! HMMM! BAHO!
They must make their way to the Misibis Bay Resort via Sulu Port Ferry to get the next clue.

Roadblock:teams need to go to the lobby of the Misibis Bay Resort and find their assigned room which contains their next clue using an electronic key. However, the teammate of the team's must carry the cocktails in one hand. (There must be patience.) For Sheena and Gee's team: Sheena will do the task. For Marc and Kat, Marc will do the task. For Boom and Cheng: Boom will do the task. For the Saida and Jervi: Jervi will do the task.

Marc and Kat's jeep was so slow. Meanwhile, Fausto and Dayal got back to Lana's Halo-halo for the task.

The leg's for the Ed and Angel's team starts.

Tomorrow: Ang di makakaahon, mahirap nang makahabol! Ang di marunong magsagwan, tiyak malalaglag! Day 25 Updates with Tweets on Commercial Gaps will be also making its way.

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