Tuesday, November 20, 2012

7th Leg Race Starts: The Amazing Race Season 1 Day 20 Encore Updates



 Yesterday: Leg Race Ranking:
1st: Boom and Cheng (200K cash from American Tourister)
2nd: Fausto and Dayal
3rd: Marc and Kat
4th: Sheena and Gee
5th: LJ and CJ
6th: Saida and Jervi
7th: Ed and Angel
8th/Eliminated: Dani and Mish

Bombshells eliminated from the race!
Tonight: Patindihan na ng sikmura! Catch the Day 20 of the Amazing Race Philippines!

7th Leg Starts:
From Mt. Pinatubo to Legazpi
1st Route: Travel by bus to Legazpi, Albay but travel by Jeep from Holiday Inn to the Bus Station carrying 8 American Tourister Travel Luggages until the next pit stop.
(Due to the Van Hotel Service by Boom and Cheng and Marc and Kat, they are given 1 hour penalty.)

Commercial Gap and while waiting for the 2nd Route (Tweet Time!)
Kat, the member of Marc-Kat team ay masaya dahilan sa kanilang kinakargang mga luggages!

One of the Team Mag-ama is very excited about their 1st task!
Kayang-kaya mo talaga, Angel!
Camille Canlas takes a negative side for Sheena and Gee!
Ingat lang sa words, teh!
Mautak na ama ang sinabi sa tweet ni Renelynn!
Renelynn: In fact, napanood ko rin yan. Pinagkasya nila into one!

Sheena and Gee overtook LJ and CJ.
12 hours lay to the Legazpi! 2nd Route: Travel by marked jeepney to Red Labuyo Restaurant and eat a much hotter and spicier Bicol Express and Strawberry Ice Cream to get the next clue!

Tweets Time while waiting for the 3rd Route:

Gosh! Tama ka nga dyan, Ryan! Ang mismong task na yun ay dapat malakas ang sikmura at walang almoranas!
Raymond Estadilla sweeps on the 2nd Task of the 7th Leg!
Raymond: TRUE!
LJ Moreno tweets regarding their Bicol Express task!
LJ: My gosh!

whoa! that was a very disgusting task!
Jeremiah Espuerta meanwhile takes a look on the Sheena and Gee team vs. LJ and CJ Team:
Luis Andi Tsui, meanwhile is stressed on Dayal-Fausto team most especially to Dayal!

Whoa! Puso mo, Luis!

3rd Route:Travel by Jeep to Kasagwa Church!

Tweet Time!
John Alvin Palmero tweets this:
Sumasapi nga ba si Dani kay Dayal? Hahaha!
Jove Francisco recaps Dayal and Fausto saying.
Naku, sa mga sasali sa Season 2: Dapat may wits kayo!

What a disgusting Day 20!

Tomorrow:Apakan sa putikan! Ang hindi kaya ang anghang, malamang maeeliminate. Will Ed and Angel be staying in the race or they will be eliminated? Catch tomorrow as 7th Leg continues on the Day 21 of The Amazing Race Philippines!

Started yesterday, tweets from the followers of the hashtags #amazingraceph will be featured in all encore updates of The Amazing Race Philippines and the mentioned users will be notified that their tweets are posted!

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