Thursday, November 22, 2012

7th Leg Continues: Day 22 of The Amazing Race Philippines Encore Updates



Yesterday: Challenges got harder with the Sili Express and Pig or Jig Detour Task!
Tonight: Relaying with the luggages!

Marc and Kat relays the 1st try on the luggages! Meanwhile on the Pig task, Angel was so pissed off! Ed of Team Ed and Angel says that they're gonna take the penalty.

Jervi was so fast so that the other ATV rider makes it crash.

TWEET Time because it's commercial gap!

Kat Tan retweeted Trish Roque's tweet regarding the Roadblock Task!

Ship It Here (Twitter Follower of Angel Movido) hopes for a non-elimination leg!

7th Route: Pitstop (Break Water in Legazpi City, Albay)
Leg Race Ranking: (Partial)
1st: Fausto and Dayal (200K from American Tourister)
2nd: Marc and Kat

Meanwhile, Team Ed and Angel got the Jig task in the Detour on the 9th Try. Gee made the 1st Turn and got the clue while others have some turns on trying to find for the next clue!

Naloka naman si JM Castillo sa nangyari kanila Kat Tan at Marc.

Naawa naman si Jerielyn sa Roadblock Task na ginawa ni Jervi!

Promo time for AmazingRacePH:

Grabeng-grabe ang sabi ni Kat Tan, alog-alog!
Myk quoted the saying of CJ!

Ed and Angel are now in the Lignon Hill in the Japanese Tunnel!

Angel will do the Roadblock Task.

Saida and Jervi got it on 3rd Try.

Leg Race Ranking: (Partial)
3rd: Boom and Cheng
4th: Sheena and Gee
5th: LJ and CJ
6th: Saida and Jervi

Is it elimination for the Team Father and Daughter?
Last Team: Ed and Angel

Non-elimination Leg! Wooohhhh! Ed and Angel are still in the race but they will get 1st in the 8th Leg or else 30-minute penalty!

Tomorrow: Huwag bitawan ang determinasyon baka malubog ang swerte! Day 23 na bukas!

Swerteng swerte ng mag-ama on the 7th Leg! Non-elimination leg! Let's see what the Ed-Angel team fans has to say:

Favorite na leg ni Saida ang 7th Leg. Here's her tweet:

Abangan bukas!Amazing Race PH Twitter account tweeted this:

Thanks so much everyone who made my 2nd blog reached 600 views easily! Keep on tuning to this blog for the updates and featured tweets about The Amazing Race Philippines only here on Loving Me Loving You: JM's Blog that you're going to love: The Amazing Race Philippines Season 1 Encore Updates!

Other Tweets:

Naku, abangan nyo ang Face-to-Face nila Marc and Kat sa pagsisimula 8th Leg bukas!

Baka di pwede yun.
Emotional Angel Movido on her tweet ang nakita namin!
Emosyonal si Angel!
By the way, Boom of Boom and Cheng Team is on Kahit Puso'y Masugatan's episode today. Missed on it? Catch it on

For the promo, visit The Amazing Race Philippines Facebook Fan Page and answer the simple question: Bakit nyo gusto ang (fave team of your choice)? Hanggang 9am lamang ang promo. 5 fans with the best answers will get a video message from the team they've chosen. Also, 10 fans will also get a lovely fansign from the teams they have commented on!

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