Wednesday, November 21, 2012

7th Leg Continues: Day 21: The Amazing Race Season 1 Encore Updates



Yesterday: Sili Express!

Tonight: Apakan sa putikan! Sili Express continues!

Day 21 na ng The Amazing Race Philippines
4th Route: Pig or Jig (Detour Task)
Task Details:
Pig - They need to get into the pen and get 2 pigs. The ones who will get their task immediately gets the next clue but the ones who will not be getting it will be automatically slipping away their chances.
Jig - Teams must learn first the Ibalong Dance. After they learn the dance, they must dance in front of the judges. Once they're satisfied, they'll get the next clue.

5th Route: Travel by marked jeep to a World War II Japanese tunnel. They must get into the tunnel until they find a box containing their next clue.

Tweet Time (Commercial Gap!)

Poise out pa ng window habang nasususka! Woah! So disgusting! Gee told to Sheena!

Throw up na throw up naman ang teams! Jove Francisco says:

Grabeng gulatan ni @onlydaddybirds kung anong gagawin sa luggages na biglang binanatan ni Kat sa twitter user!

Brief time for Boom and Cheng! BOOM na BOOM! Whack! Laughtrip time!

Di pa rin talaga sususko sila Sheena and Gee (That time pinapanood ko Jig task nila!)

Nagrorock on naman para kay Boom and Cheng si Sheena!

Retweet ni Gee ang sinabi ni @eracrz at tinawanan pa ang sili labuyo task. Wahaha!

Mag-ama: They get hard!

Grabeng tawag naman ng uwak si Gee at Saida! Bwahaha! Laughtrip dito.

6th Route: Roadblock Task
Task Details: One must ride a big motorcycle and match the box and climb a wall while carrying a luggage of American Tourister. Once the matched it, they will receive the next clue.

Tweet Time!
Katulad ng kahapon, sobrang irita si John Alvin sa ginagawa ni Dayal!

May tunnel sa Lignon Hill according to Jove Francisco!
Lignon Hill pala yung dinaanan nilang may tunnel!

Matinding practice ni Kat ang ipinapahiwatig sa tweet ni Kat ng niretweet nya ang tweet ni @arrcii29.

Napakabossy ni Kat according to Yohan Addrie!

Saida ay hindi makahinga while finding for the next clue!

Tomorrow: Ang mababagal ng sobra, tiyak masasalisihan. Pero ang mabibilis, tiyak mababangga. Anong gagawin ng mga mahuhuli para di umuwing luhaan? Find out on the Day 22 of The Amazing Race Philippines Encore Updates tomorrow night!

May humabol na tweet before the Day 21 ended!

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