Wednesday, November 14, 2012

5th Leg Starts! The Amazing Race Philippines Day 15 Encore Update



5th Leg Starts!
From Baguio (6:58am - 1st to Depart)
1st Route: Drive by car to Subic Bay Freeport Zone (The Lighthouse) to find for the next clue.
2nd Route: Zoobic Safari (Route Info Task - Hey Kitty! Kitty!
Task: Feed the tiger named Kitty to get the next clue!)

Leg Race Ranking (as of 2nd Route):
1st Rank - Marc and Kat
2nd Rank - Boom and Cheng
3rd Rank - Sheena and Gee
4th Rank - Saida and Jervi
5th Rank - Fausto and Dayal
6th Rank - Ed and Angel
7th Rank - Dani and Mish

8th Rank - LJ and CJ
3rd Route: Road Block Task (Treetop Adventure) and Yield (Dani and Mish plus Marc and Kat)
One person from the team will do the quiz while the other one will make a fall from the top. Once the person does the quiz successfully, the person with the harness will be having its fall slow. But once the person who's having a quiz will make the person harness free fall and try again. The teams who will get hard with the quiz puzzle might have a hard time.

Tomorrow: Teams are facing their fears! Who will come in last? Find out in the Day 16 Encore Update on The Amazing Race Philippines after WilTime BigTime! 

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