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4th Leg starts! Week 2 Recap of THE AMAZING Race Philippines!

Week 2 Recap of The Amazing Race Philippines (2nd Leg Route to the Start of 4th Leg Route)

2nd Leg Route:
From UST (7:17pm - 1st Team to Depart)
1st Route: Bantay Bell Tower, Vigan, Ilocos Sur
2nd Route: Vigan Commercial Public Market - Detour Task: Gawa or Nguya - Longganisa)
3rd Route: Pagburnayan District (Intersection Task: 60 Claypots to deliver it to Calle Crisologo or Time Penalty if more than 5 Jars has been broken)
4th Route: Quirino Bridge (Rappeling and Paddling - Road Block)
5th Route: One Plaza in Vigan (Route Info Task - Palayok, Pukpukin)
6th Route: Plaza Burgos-St. Paul's Cathedral: 2nd Pit Stop)
Leg Race Ranking:
Marc and Kat - 1st Place (200K Php from American Tourister)
LJ and CJ - 2nd Place
Saida and Jervi - 3rd Place
Ed and Angel - 4th Place
Boom and Cheng - 5th Place
Sheena and Gee - 6th Place
Dani and Mish - 7th Place
Fausto and Dayal - 8th Place
Pamela and Vanessa - 9th Place

Anton and Armand were the last team to be eliminated because of breaking the rule wherein Public Telephone shall not be used in private communication.

3rd Leg Route: Bontoc, Mountain Province
1st Route:
Kadchog Hanging Bridge in Bontoc, Mountain Province (Route Info)
2nd Route and Task: Detour: Karga (Kieakik's Chicken Farm in Bontoc to Bontoc Public Market) o Saka (Bontoc, Mountain Province)
Task sa Karga: Maghuli ng 20 na manok sa Kieakik's Chicken Farm at dalhin sa Bontoc Public Market. Once nadala na nila sa tamang place, they will receive their next clue.
Task sa Saka: Magararo kasama ang kalabaw at hanapin ang flag. Once na nahanap ang flag, they will receive their next clue. Pero, ang mahirapan sa task na ito ay mababaon sa pagkabigo.
3rd Route and Task:
Palayok Dance (Provincial Plaza in Bontoc, Mountain Province)
Task: Kailangan magbalance ang palayok in 90 seconds. Pag di nagawa o nabagsak, mawawalan ng pag-asa.
Pit Stop:
Maligcong Rice Terraces. But before that, you need to carry 20 kilos of rice to the Pit Stop.
 Leg Race Ranking:
1st Rank: Marc and Kat (Total of Php600K from American Tourister plus Express Pass)
2nd Rank: LJ and CJ
3rd Rank: Boom and Cheng
4th Place: Saida and Jervi
5th Place: Sheena and Gee
6th Place: Dani and Mish
7th Place: Ed and Angel
8th Place:Fausto and Dayal
Last Place: Pamela and Vanessa
Pamela and Vanessa were not eliminated from the race because it is a non-elimination leg.
NOTE: Kimakim's Chicken Farm, not Kieakik's Chicken Farm (Erratum to the Day 11's Update)
4th Leg Route:
From Maligcong Rice Terraces
1st Route: Bus Station to Baguio (2 buses left for Baguio's leg)
2nd Route: Taxi to Balatoc's Mining Park
3rd Route: Road Block Task - Open boxes using keys to get the gold in order to deliver it to the miner
4th Route: Baguio Market (Yield and Task)
Note: Yield is a good opportunity for the 1st team to choose which team will stay for a longer time before getting into the next task. They will need to use the hourglass.

Update to the 4th Leg Route on the Day 13 Encore Run of The Amazing Race Philippines tomorrow night after WilTime BigTime.

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